Add More Actions for Wyze Rules

I added it.


Is there a way to manually force a rule to execute?

I have both a Home and an Away rule, but sometimes the Home rule does not pick up on the fact that I’m back home. It’s then a real PITA to go into all the cams and disable notifications or to hop in the car and drive far enough away to trigger both Away and Home rules.

It would also be helpful to test any newly created rules to see if the various actions are what you intended.

If you are using a Location Rule (notoriously unreliable) to trigger the Home and Away, no, there isn’t a way to manually force that rule.

However, you can duplicate every action in that location rule in a new Shortcut Rule (one for Home, one for Away).

This will place a Shortcut Rule Button on the top of the Home Tab that you can press to execute the exact same Actions as the Location Rule.

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The only Rules you can manually force is the Shortcut Rules. The others cannot be forced, or at least, I have not found a way.

This is a good requested item, I will add it to the Rules Wishlist to include:

  • Forcing Rules To Execute
  • Test any newly created rules
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Lack of this feature has halted my plans to buy 2 more FLP lights. I don’t want a trigger to turn on the lights all night. Triggered lights on should shut off after a timeout period similar to the “Lights Off Timer” under motion settings. I don’t plan to implement the Alexa workaround.

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I would also love to see some more actions added to the Wyze Rules as well as IFTTT. The two that blow my mind that they don’t already exist are the ability to switch Track Motion and Pan Scan on and off. When I leave the house I have to manually switches these two features on and off once I return. Privacy Mode would also be great. For the IFTTT the ability to fire off Wyze Rules would also be a great addition. I don’t use IFTTT that much, but it’s the only way to integrate Wyze devices with the rest of my smart home.

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I’ve set up a lot of rules but the one thing that doesn’t work is the location rule leaving or arriving I’ve tried some different things but nothing works

Not sure about “shortcut”
How do you create ?
Need step by step, please.

Please add a Rule for enabling/disabling Vacation Mode. I would like my multiple Wyze Bulb v2 bulbs to automatically trigger Vacation Mode

  • Enable Vacation Mode: Location trigger to ENABLE Vacation Mode automatically when I’m away from home and/or out of town.
  • Disable Vacation Mode: Location trigger to DISABLE Vacation Mode automatically whenever I end up returning home.

Brightness Up or Down by x

In rules I would like to adjust the brightness by relatively. Adjust brightness up to 20 or adjust brightness down by 20. This way I can use the double click on a switch to dim down and the triple click to dim up to any percentage I want.

You can do that through Google assistant or Alexa if you have apple

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As @Pizzadave mentioned, if you have Alexa or GA, you can tell those devices to reduce or increase by X% or setup specific scenes based on actions in Alexa using groups/rooms and triggers.

In the Wyze rules with the Wyze Switch Additional Controls you can setup static %'s. I use a switch to dim and brighten my kitchen groups of BR30’s, Color Bulbs, and Light Strips as shown below.

Delay Action in rules

When I’m outside working I would like to turn off notifications from my outdoor cameras using the shortcut rule, but I forget to turn them back on. It would be nice if one of the actions can be a delay action. Then I can have the rule be programmed as such: If shortcut is triggered, then turn off outdoor cam notifications, wait 1hr (or desired time), turn on outdoor cam notifications.

This delay action can be used for other rule types (schedule, location, device trigger) too in many other situations.

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Turn off/on Wyze Lock notifications in scheduled rules

I programmed a two schedule rules to turn off notifications in the morning and evening for certain cameras and door sensors since we go in and out of the garage and the doors at routine times. The notifications turn back on at the end time. I would love to include turning off notifications to the wyze locks in this rule, but wyze lock only has the actions: lock & unlock within the rules. The one screenshot is of the rule i have programed. The other two screenshots show the available actions for the wyze lock and the available actions for a wyze v3 camera as an example.

I’ll 2nd that. Please add this, seems like it should be straight forward to include that option for a rule setting.

Home Monitoring turn off Doorbell Chime when Away

Ability to add a rule to turn off the doorbell chime when Home Monitoring is set to Away mode. Would be awesome not to disturb a crated (hopefully sleeping) dog when nobody is home.


@Loki Can you add this one to the list too, please? I didn’t see it.

It’s listed:


Through rules you should be able to to set floodlight accessory to Auto. Only options are On or Off.