Add More Actions for Wyze Rules

Please add to Doorbell V2 rules option of turning off/on status light
[On a side note the V2 performs amazing and is a big upgrade from the original Wyze doorbell]
Thank you!!

trigger option to turn on/off Floodlight Pro for duration

Need trigger option to turn on/off Floodlight Pro for duration in minutes. Current trigger only allows Turn on action with no timeout. Trigger option needs to work similar to current Motion timeout feature.


I’m sure this has been asked before, but I would like to reduce the frequency of notifications when I am at home. I don’t want to adjust the sensitivity of the triggers or the list of triggers, I just don’t have to be alerted every few minutes (or whatever the frequency is) when the camera is triggered.

Go to your main page look at the top right corner and hit the bell

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@WyzeJasonJ can this topic be split up and an update provided on each item? Or device type / app
this wishlist topic shows as in progress, but we do not know what is in progress and what is not of all the items listed …


The reason we have put them all in one place is that the team that handles the rules engine comes into this thread and a few others when they start to add new rules. We used to have them all separated and a lot of them would get missed so the team would not realize there was a request.

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Ok. Makes sense so as not to miss any.

The status infers they are all actively being worked on?

That sounds good!?!?

If not, perhaps bold the ones in progress. This can help to manage expectations.

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I would guess that none of them are in progress so they don’t want to reveal that to us. Just like the “More Triggers” list.

If you look at when the topic was created (2018) & how many of the items have been implemented so far you’ll be able to better manage your expectations of when the rules/actions might be added :wink:

I disagree. They are working on some. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:which is apppreciated!

Thanks to the Rules team!!

I would love to see a schedule for year round (365 still images noon 12pm) saved to a separate folder on the sd card. This would show the seasons, :sun_with_face: :sun_behind_small_cloud: :sun_behind_rain_cloud: :cloud: :thermometer: :snowman:

Anyone in here have any insight to get Wyze notifications rule to work? I have tried everything I can think of and read here to no avail.

What are you trying to do?

Simply turn notifications off/on during a certain time period(s). Everything is updated from my phone to every single camera. Everything has been restarted and double checked and the rule simply will not work there is simply no change at all.

If you have an Android phone hold down the icon for the app go to your settings and make sure notifications are turned on for the app and make sure the app is running in the background

Thank you, I had done that already though. I was trying to get the rule to trigger for no notifications at a certain time tonight but as I walked around the house the cameras were definitely letting my phone know.

I’m going to try and put up two screenshots for you maybe this will help

Shorter duration for actions in rules

I would really like actions to take effect for less than one minute. Specifically to trigger lights and or lawn sprinklers when a pet is detected. One minute is longer than I would like the duration. Maybe “turn on for” 45, 30 and 15 seconds added to the list.

I’d like to request @Loki add the following Action to the above list in the original post for Cameras:

  • Turn on/off the camera (For all Video Doorbells, especially the VDBv2)

Rationale: All the other cameras have this option except the VDB’s. Here is why it is critical for the doorbells though, especially the VDBv2:

Right now, there is no Wyze integration in Google Home to use Google Speakers/Displays as a chime or voice announcements. However, there is a workaround I just tested and it works! I can set up a Wyze rule where anytime someone presses the Wyze VDB button, the Wyze rule tells a camera to “turn on.” If that camera is already “on” then this rule doesn’t affect the camera at all, but Google gets notified that a “camera on” command was sent. So now I can tell Google that anytime that camera gets an “on” command to make it announce on all Google speakers “Someone is ringing the Video Doorbell.”
Now all Wyze Doorbells work with Google Announcements.
The problem is that since the Video Doorbells don’t have an “on” rule, I can’t just have the doorbell tell itself to turn on. I have to pick a different camera. That’s not a huge problem, but it does make things more messy and confusing than they should be. Just have all the VDB’s have an on/off action and then we can have them all chime or announce through Google like this:

  1. Person rings the Doorbell
  2. Wyze Rule tells the VDB to turn the camera on (it’s already on so it is unaffected)
  3. Google sees the “Turn on” command and tells all Google Speakers to announce “Someone is ringing the Video Doorbell”

Simple. Now everything chimes or announces through Google and it’s not confusing. No more need to tell the “on” command to run through an entirely separate camera unnecessarily, especially since some people won’t have another Wyze camera to be able to do this on. They might only have the Doorbell Camera and it doesn’t have that on/off rule action. Fix that, and now everyone can use Google speakers with their VDB’s. This is especially important for the new VDBv2 which doesn’t come with a portable chime, but now people could use Google speakers as a portable chime.

@WyzeJimmy you said in another thread that if I had evidence Google supported button presses from 3rd parties that you would pass that on to the team…well, this isn’t exactly the same thing we were talking about there, but if you’re still willing to also pass this on to the team as a great functional alternative, that would be awesome. All they’d have to do is add camera on/off support to the Video Doorbells like the rest of the cameras and then we can all use our Google speakers anytime someone presses the Doorbell button to make sounds or announcements. It would be an excellent option for lots of people. We could write up a simple walkthrough for anyone to use Google with doorbell presses.

I tested this proof of concept using a different camera as the “on” command camera and it works perfectly. It would just be great if everything could rely solely on the doorbell itself since not everybody has a second camera or wants a second camera on 24/7.