Add More Actions for Wyze Rules

Add waypoint rule action for Cam Pans (v1, v2, v3)

Add rule action for Cam Pans (v1, v2, v3):

Go to waypoint (waypoint #1, #2, #3, or #4).

Optionally, stay there for X amount of time before returning to previous position.


Good news @Rulwiz !!! They just launched this rule for the Floodlight Pro just as we requested!

One more requested rule that @Loki can add to the “Existing Rule Actions” list now that it has been implemented!

(Also, thanks @WyzeHongfei for listening to feedback requests and implementing useful updates for the FLPro!)


Awesome, glad that Wyze was able to implement this feature request.

Can’t wait to finally get my FL PRO :slight_smile:


I’ve added it to the existing rules list. Interestingly, it wasn’t on the requested list.

I also had this feature turned off on my FLPs due to annoyance factor. I’ve now put it on a schedule for nighttime hours when nobody should normally be seen by the cameras. Wonderful.


As a parent of a baby, I think it’s great that Wyze added a DND mode for the Doorbell Pro.

As a husband, I think it’s terrible that it is buried in the settings instead of a rule action that can be assigned to a simple button. My wife is more likely to unplug the chime than she is to remember how to turn on DND mode and then remember to turn it off.


I have been asking for the same thing for the pan cameras. There’s no time to direct the camera to what you want to look at & zoom in if necessary before the camera goes back to the original position. I have even asked that under the more menu to be able to turn that return function off instead of having to go into settings of the camera, go into the detection settings, detection zone & disabling it, And then, when you’re done looking at what you wanna look at, have to go back through all those steps again and also have to re-configure your zone. Being able to temporarily disable with a simple tap under the more menu would make a lot more sense and be a whole lot easier to do!

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I have a motion sensor at my desk, that I’d like to use to turn on lights in my office when I am home based on Motion.

But I don’t want those rules to turn the lights on when I’m away (wife is home, no need for motion by her to turn the lights on).

Basically need a Rule to be enabled when Wyze knows my phone is at home, and disable when my phone and I have left my home.



I agree more rules with the air purifier would be great. Specifically: 1) trigger of: if air quality >___, and 2) action of: set fan speed of _____ before returning to Auto.

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FYI - this does appear to be supported in the new Floodlight Cam Pro… But not for the Cam v3 Pro

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Is there any “timeline” for these rules to be implemented?
e.g. Camera Sound Detection On/Off like motion detection ?

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Forgive me if this has been discussed. I would like a rule to include the sharing option.
I share my cameras with my parents for when I am away but when I am home, I would like to turn of that sharing option for certain cams instead of having to remove them and add them over and over.

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Should be able to have alexa or google announce movement tracked at say the doorbell. not everyone is sitting watching a screen all day and i have to have notifications off because i have a shared account and have no rights to my own features and settings. So having alexa accounce there are packages or someone at the door would be beneficical

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Rule to change Event Notifications on a schedule

I would like to be able to change Event Notification settings for different times of the day by setting up a rule.

For example, during the day all I need push notifications for are vehicles. I don’t want one sent to me every time a person walks by. However, during the nighttime hours, I would like people added.

I am a new Wyze cam user and unless I am missing something, I have to change this manually every morning and evening. Thank you!!

I want a trigger for the wyze cam to activate a zone upon movement

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floodlight pro doesn’t have action for timed light on, unlike floodlight

My Wyze Cam Floodlight has an available rule action for “Turn on Floodlight for x minutes”, along with On and Off. When a nearby camera detects a person, I turn the flood on for 5 mins.

The newer more advanced Wyze Cam Floodlight Pro does not offer this timed Turn On rule action. I can only use a rule action turn the floodlight On or Off, no “on for 5 mins” feature is offered.

I’d like to be able to trigger the Floodlight Pro light for 5 minutes


I would like to request a pause/delay action to be used as an entry/exit delay feature for I’m Home and I’m Away icons/shortcuts.

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+1. This is badly needed. I bought my FLP thinking it had this functionality since the FL has it. I do not want my FLP to stay on all day when I trigger it using an action. Please add this!

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Makes sense and it should be an easy fix through software

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Really need a “turn on/off sound detection” for the rules. That’s my biggest request.


Add rule actions to set the cooldown and max video length on battery powered cams. This would be useful for conserving battery when the battery gets low, or at different times of day. For example, if you anticipate family coming over or something, and don’t want the cams recording constantly, you can increase the cooldown between certain hours, or when you arrive home or something.