Add More Actions for Wyze Rules

This rule has been implemented as part of the Wyze app 2.41 release.

  • Air Purifier - turn On/Off LED display on physical device

That is a GREAT rule! :tada: I pretty much always turn this off, but sometimes I have toddlers who unplug Air Purifier or it gets reset in some other way and then the setting is undone and I have to keep manually turning the display back off. Now if I can just set a schedule to have it turn off at night, that’s awesome! I kind of like it on during the day, now I can have the best of both worlds on a schedule without having to manually update it all the time! Thanks Wyze.

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scenes in color bulb rules

I have rules set for my bulbs and when they come on, they come on at full brightness and all white.

It would be nice if the rules had a setting or default to restore to last state when coming on instead of overwriting with 100% brightness and no color.

Or the ability to attach a scene to the bulb.

The rules for bulbs are almost useless if you don’t have access to the features of the bulbs in the rules.

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You can do this you just need to have the rule only do the turn on function. Here is a rule I have for my living room group of lights.

I change my scene to the movie setting once a week for family movie night and if I don’t change it back manually then the next night when my lights come on its still in movie scene mode.

YES, I have a large room that I want to control a fan sitting next to the vent to go on and off with the Wyse thermostat to boost the air flow from the vent around the room. currently does me no good to just turn on something with no way to turn it off when the condition changes

Geolocation Privacy for Pan Cam v3

It would be really nice if I could automatically enable/disable the “Privacy” function through rules based on the geolocation of my phone.

Currently, I have my camera reset the position, and then turn off, when my location is near my home. When I leave it turns on, and tracks movement.

Ideally, it would turn on the Privacy function when I’m near home, and disable the function when I leave.

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Rules are a very handy feature for many reasons, but one more way to make them even better? The ability to create rules that would enable/disable other rules! Let me give an example: I currently have a rule that uses my patio camera to trigger my Wyze switch to turn on my patio lights if a person is detected between certain times of the night, BUT if I were to be able use my WHM to “Enable/Disable” this rule when armed/disarmed that would just enhance the feature even more!

Hi, same issue here. High powered lights from nearby roads keep the V3 camera in daylight vision but as the target area is darker the image is very poor. On night vision the image is very good, but then you have to forego daylight colour vision. Having an action that enabled/disabled night visionode at sunset/sunrise would sort this issue

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PLEASE!! Please please!!! Oh please Wyze can you add the ability to add the fan option “auto” and “on” to a schedule block? I like to have the fan run continuous during the day (ON), and on AUTO during sleep. Right now I have to manually turn this on and off every day which is NOT SMART!!! This would be a simple addition and make a huge difference. It doesn’t get your attention though in the wishlist forum as there aren’t enough users to upvote it compared to all the camera users. But I garantee you, anyone with your thermostat wants this. Ecobee, Nest, etc have had it for ages already. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!

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Here is my situation. I currently have a dehumidifier that runs on a schedule via a Wyze plug. What I was hoping was that instead, I could use a Wyze room sensor to detect humidity and trigger the Wyze plug to turn on/off at a desired humidity. Is this possible?

Notification after Location Trigger fires

Is there a way to turn on notifications for location triggers? Not turning on or off notifications for all devices, just if a location trigger fires.

I want to be notified if a trigger happens, so I don’t have to manually check to see if the devices state has been changed.

I receive low battery notifications for my sensors. It shouldn’t be an issue to have them sent when a trigger fires.

Make Wyze bulb blink continuously until stopped manually or timed instead of just blinking four (4) times.

I see that the Wyze bulb has a “blink” feature. I had an idea to make the Wyze bulb “blink/flash” red when I added a “panic” rule that would sound an alarm (siren) on my cameras and make my bulbs blink non stop but when trying the rule out today, I found out it only blinks four (4) times :confused: .

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You can do that manually with a time lapse I think.

Would like to see a shortcut to open not just close the garage so it can be set up as a rule. Something as simple as moving the controller button that appears in the camera screen and allow that button to be a rule or a stand alone device.

Also interested in seeing something like using the keypad for the lock also be able to be used on the garage door so if I don’t have my phone I can open it with the keypad.

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Siren should trigger notification to smartphone

It would be nice if when the siren goes off that users get a notification or similar alarm on their phone so they are aware that the siren has been triggered. Otherwise right now there is no way of knowing if the siren is actually on or off.

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Rules should include “while home monitoring is on” as a time choice

I set up a Rule for my cameras to activate the siren when a person is detected outside. I expected to have the option under the Time area to choose while Home Monitoring is ON but it only has days and time ranges to choose. I’m left with having to go in to each rule and Enable or Disable the Rules every time I set the alarm system. This is a major inconvenience.

If you have Wyze Home Monitoring you can use the climate sensors to check humidity levels and trigger a Wyze Plug.

Same feature for the Siren in multiple cameras. Turn on for user-defined X minutes unless motion detected inside home.

LOCK the Wyze Lock or Bolt to reduce further intrusion.

Using defined “alarm only” chime selection. Example of chime is normally a doorbell but in the event of an alarm being triggered the chime can be used as a siren of sorts.