Add More Actions for Wyze Rules

Plug Action - Turn OFF for min

Usecase: I want to have the ability to initiate a power cycle my modem or router for a short period of time. Both locally when I’m on the home network, and remotely when I’m on the internet.

The current rules for the Plug include “Turn On,” “Turn off”, and “Turn On for ___ minutes”

Please add the “Turn Off for ___ minutes” — effectively the opposite of “Turn On”. :slight_smile:

While it might be possible to use a scheduled rule, I’ve tested using a schedule to schedule the switch to “turn off” and have it start at a specific time and end at a specific time (a minute later)…
a. in my testing this doesn’t work (the switch doesn’t come back on)
b. but if it did work, for my use case - where I want to initiate the restart on command, it would be a hack of sorts to just set the time for a few minutes from now and let the schedule initiate the action.

would be great to option to toggle setting or rule to auto restart camera if it goes offline for x number of minutes.

Wyze has a new survey out about rules. Here’s the link:

Please fill it out, and be sure to mention at the end your wish to have the features in this topic implemented.


Programmable photo taking

It’s be nice to be able to program the camera to take a picture at a specific time, and/or repeatable times over a duration. One example could be an automatic snapshot taken the same time each day that could be used as a time lapse but over a whole month or year. I’m envisioning a function in the app to take a snapshot from a particular camera.

Allow Shortcut To Be Selected As An Action In Schedule Rule

I made a schedule with the action set to turn on and set color bulbs to a specific color and intensity. Sometimes I wany to activate that action manually. I can do this by creating a shortcut with the same action as the schedule action, but its hard to select the color to be the exact same as the schedule action due to the way color is selected from the color circle. Its also a redundant effort to create another action with the same settings.

Could you allow a shortcut to be selected as an action when creating a schedule?

This would allow me to create a single action for my color bulbs when creating the shortcut, then and use the same action for the schedule, without creating two separate actions that do the same thing, It would also make it much easier to select the exact same color for both the shortcut and the schedule.

Adding my support for actions for “turn on/off Pan Cam Motion Tracking” and “turn on/off Pan Scan” :+1:

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Often, a rule will not execute as expected. IE, turn off notifications. If I run the rule again a few minutes later by a “poor man’s” run now button by changing the schedule to a few minutes past the current time, it succeeds.

My request is to program this activity out of the user into the application.

  1. Please have the rules run more than once to ensure they execute. I harken back to a standard “Run X times on failure at X intervals.” IE. run again in one minute if “Error” is True, three times.

Second, a Run now button will be nice to test rules without having to play around with changing schedules back and forth.

thank you

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Take picture every xx

Want WyzeCam to take a picture every hour, or what have you. NOT motion activated, just “take a picture every hour,”

Great idea!!!

The current app allows rules for turning on the air purifier only to the auto power level. This typically results in a low actual power level because the sensor says the air if clean. However, the air has a lot of larger particles that I’d like to remove and which don’t trigger the sensor. Think of dust motes that you can see in the sunshine when you shake bed sheets or curtains. So I’d like to be able to run the air purifier in the bedroom during the day (when we’re not there) at high power. To do this now I have to set an alarm on my phone to remind me every morning to turn up the power (after I’m sure my wife has left the room). An alarm to remind me is not the sort of automation we should be using. :laughing:

Wyze Doorbell +Add Rule // Quick Responses #doorbell #rules

I would LOVE if when someone presses my Wyze Doorbell, they could hear an auto-response of “We will be right with you”, or something akin to that. For my business, I have an outdoor doorbell and when people ring it and are going to have to wait for me to help them because I am busy with clients INSIDE, I have to find my Wyze-viewable tablet (I use a Surface Pro inside and had to purchase a tablet that can run the Wyze app just to be able to do this manually), and unlock it and find the auto-response. I’d love to set a trigger or rule that whenever the button is pressed, you could be told "…(auto-response)… PLEASE!

WCP V3 at night motion tracking moths and rarely in position to record vehicles.