Add More Actions for Wyze Rules

Would really love a shortcut for nightvision/IR to auto switch my cams behind windows at night.
Keep up with the good work

Definitely want this.

Example: Send me an alert if my back door to garage is open past 10:30 pm.

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Good feature.

FWIW, if you are willing to do a little engineering, I think you could do something similar with IFTTT and I think you can notify apilio with web hooks with the state of the door and if it’s open at 10:30, trigger an IFTTT event. I’m using email as it’s free to do that, but they also have a pay-as-you-go sms service integration.

I know we can make a shortcut to affect all cams/devices or one. I would like to be able to affect say my shop group of cams vs my home group.

In the Wyze app you can assign multiple actions, so if you want to turn notifications on or off for a group of cameras you just have to add one action for each camera in the group, then you can trigger them with a single shortcut (manually or scheduled).

Not sure if it has been mentioned elsewhere, but (at least in the Beta app) you can now turn notifications on/off for individual Sensors as well as cameras.

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I would like the addition of the on/off toggle to the shortcuts. I don’t like to use the auto as it clicks on and off at sunset/sunrise.

For the moment motion sensors are always on, even when there are people at home walking around the house during the day, generating hundreds of motion detected registers.
Create an option for motion sensor to be on/off as already exist for cameras.

Yes to Local SD recording mode available via shortcut (especially via IFTTT shortcut). Use case is to stop local event recording when people are home/start when out. Thanks!

I have found it most useful to enable continuous recording at the Advanced->Local Storage menu, then with Event Recording properly configured, I can check out detected events in more detail by exploring that time in Playback on local storage. I was hoping that there would be a way to conserve local storage space by having the Scheduling section in Event Recording also command the time period when Continuous playback was in use. I felt that there were periods of time when I just didn’t need to have a record of anything but found that Continuous Recording was an either ‘on or off’ proposition, where I had the power to schedule when Events would trigger a recording the AWS. So, it would be great if there was a toggle switch somewhere where I could elect to link an Event Recording Schedule with Continuous Recording to the local media.

Would love to see shortcut for turning sound event triggering on and off like you can with motion

Perhaps as a shortcut, I’d like to see the ability for my camera to stay still during the day and scan in the evening when I’m asleep. Maybe even do the motion tracking on a schedule too. I don’t like it moving around while the family is hanging out awake during the day. At night, the night vision kinda stinks for the extreme thirds of my image when the camera is still. But when it pans, I can see a pretty clear image as the iR light can now hit those extremes because they’re no longer extremes. So…for me, still during the day and panning at night would combat a few issues. I’ve seen some similar requests, but not as explicit. Wanna make sure this gets attention.

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Please add the ability to turn on vacation mode for bulbs as a shortcut action. If I have several bulbs that I want to put in vacation mode while away, it’s a hassle to have to toggle the setting in each bulb.

The Wyze app already has this feature for vacation mode.
Vacation Mode

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While there currently isn’t a shortcut action available, you can place all of your bulbs in a group, and then put the entire group in vacation mode.

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Thanks Dread. I found that option and am currently using it as a workaround.

Cheers, John


You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

Nice. Thanks. I need to get some bulbs.

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Person Detection is working great for me, except once mistaking my cat.
I would like to request. A shortcut to quickly toggle person detection of and on. I like having it set to turn on automatically by event, even with motion detection and alerts off. However, I use the cam to monitor my patio, mostly when my cat is outside, and have to go into the cameras settings everytime I go out on my patio.
Being able to disable/re-enable person detection with a shortcut button would be very convenient.

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