Add More Actions for Wyze Rules

You must consider to open up for external actions, you could have a look at what is offering in there event calls, if you could do something in aspects of GET/POST/PUT actions to external calls it would be perfect, and could save you do lots of the rest requirements.

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Wyze Cam Pan v3 has a privacy mode. It would be good if turning that on and off could be controlled by a rule or series of rules.
at x time turn on privacy mode, at y time turn off privacy mode.
if HMS set to away turn off privacy mode, if HMS set to home or disabled turn on privacy mode


V3 Cam Pan - event triggers cam on or off

Scenario: V3Cam pan is in hibernate mode with camera poimted down.
A different cam detects motion or sound. That event turns on the V3Cam pan so that it comes out of hibernate mode.
An added feature would to have it scan 360 area for motion, or go to a specific preset direction.

Cam Pan v3: Have the ability to schedule pan and motion tracking under rules. I would like to turn on the panning capability at night only as to not wear out the motor.

Probably doesn’t apply here but it would be nice to change the pan interval as well rather than having it hard coded at 10 seconds.


Add Privacy mode to Schedule Rules

Just picked up the Cam-pan-v3. So far it is nice, first cam pan I have picked up. I would like to schedule it in privacy mode during the day and then off during the night. I don’t want to turn off the camera since I still want to be alerted if smoke alarm goes off. But I presume privacy mode is still on and will detect smoke alarm. Anyway, none of the scheduled action items have privacy mode. I can either turn on/off detection, notifications and camera itself.



Privacy mode tilts CPv3’s lens down to 180° and turns cam off, including audio. I.e., Privacy Mode is the equivalent of other cam types’ Off with the added reassurance that turning cam off also nulls cam’s field of view. Privacy Mode in rule/actions is currently achieved via “Off”:

Thanks Seapup! So, having privacy mode being the same as Cam off, then I am right that the Smoke and CO alarms will not be detected. Just confirming. Thanks.

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I believe you are correct, smoke and CO alarms will not be detected if Cam Pan v3 is set to Off (Privacy Mode On) via rules.

Add a rule to point V3 Pan at a specific waypoint when motion is detected on another cam.

Add a rule to point V3 Pan at a specific waypoint when motion is detected on another camera.

I have a camera at the front and back of my house with the Pan V3 at the side, if my back cam detected motion I’d love the Pan V3 to turn and look in that direction.

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Add more actions for floodlight camera

There are many actions to create rule under schedule for floodlight camera. For instance 2 of them are

  • Turn on floodlight
  • Turn off floodlight

I would like to have “Turn Auto floodlight” to control from schedule.
Little more explanation can be found on below link

I agree. I would like pan on only when I’m away. When home I want it stationary. I don’t like to hear it panning when I’m home.

I would like to turn on/off Record Sound for cameras.

I see several sound-related requests (such as turning on/off sound detection), but none to change whether or not sound is recorded at all.

Expand rules functionality (ex. pan/scan, motion tracking, AI notify)

Hope this is specific enough for a single mod request… let me know if it’s not and I’ll split it up.

New Wyze owner here with a lot of Cam Plus subscribed cams. I have 5 active cams (four Cam Pan v3 & one Wyze Cam Floodlight), and will be adding 3 more in the coming days (one Cam Pan v3 & two Cam OG).

So, I’ve found I’m executing several manual steps every day that I would love to automate, but the current Rules iteration is very limited in terms of controllable features. Adding just a handful more features to Rules would save me a ton of time.

Some examples:

  1. On windy days or rainy nights, my outdoor Cam Pan v3 cameras simply cannot be in motion tracking mode… they spend most of their time out of commission chasing leaf shadows or raindrops. I would love to be able to make a “wind/rain” rule that switches motion tracking off for all outdoor cams.

  2. I have one Cam Pan v3 mounted on a utility pole that extends above my roof at a front corner of my house. I leave it on pan/scan during the day, with AI motion recorded but not notified. It sweeps between two waypoints: the area surrounding a side gate, and a view of my front yard and the street. I can see the yard and street quite well, despite a tangle of utility lines, insulation and such about 2 feet from the pole which slightly obstruct when on the 2nd waypoint,

The problem is that at night, while the IR illuminator does an amazing job of lighting the side gate area, the 2nd waypoint is useless, showing a brightly-lit image of those utility lines & such close to the camera, and nothing usable from the yard or street. So, I’d love to have a schedule-based rule that does at sunset what I’ve had to do every evening since I installed the cam: turn off pan/scan and move the cam to waypoint 1 (does that happens by automatically?), and another that fires at sunrise which turns pan/scan back on.

  1. I’d love more granular control of the Cam Plus AI. To extend example 2 above, the last thing I do when I park my “sky cam” on the side gate is enable notifications in a specific way. I know “enable notifications” is an available action, but all I’m interested in is whether my cat is wandering onto my property through the side gate, so I can go grab him and bring him in for the night. The angle I use includes enough sidewalk and street that I don’t want to be notified of people or vehicles… I only want pet notification. So I’d prefer it if my sunset rule turned smart notifications on AND made sure only “pet” was selected. Then I’d want the sunrise rule to turn all notifications off, AND re-select “people” and “vehicles” so I have tagged recordings of those available during the day if I need them.

Thanks for your consideration!

We will be researching items on this list to see what we can implement with the resources we have currently.

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The only options available to schedule for the Air Purifier are Turn on Auto, Sleep and off.
I’d like to see an option to set it to turn on manual max mode at a certain time each day please.

Wyze Cam Pan v3 - Pan Scan Activation by Sound

With a large area to monitor the Waypoints are a nice feature, however, I do not want to have the camera continually scanning from waypoint to waypoint 24x7. It’s great that if something occurs in the default detection zone the camera can be set to follow that motion.

It would be great to have any detected sound trigger the process of scanning through the waypoints. Follow any detected motion. Continue scanning after the motion ceases. Then cease scanning and return to the default position after some set period of inactivity/sound.

This wish list item got merged in here. But what I described is more than the Actions in the Rules will support. Yes my request could be made to work that way but it seems that’s a much bigger wish list item. Namely adding much more programmability and flexibility to the rules framework.

Some items on this list likely fit that criteria as well, other are just simple actions. Point being this list should probably kept to simple actions and another wish list created for a more capable Rules framework.

The ability to *Turn Motion Tracking on/off through rules on the new Pam Cam V3 is s a must. Please add it.