Add More Actions for Wyze Rules

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I created a forum account specifically to ask for the night vision improvement mentioned here. I use 3 Wyze Cam outdoors. Only 1 Of 3 responds well to the auto setting for night vision.

I have dusk to Dawn automatic flood lights which I keep on for security at night, But this seems to confuse the night vision sensor if they’re anywhere near cam field of view. To be able to schedule night vision in rules would really help improve my satisfaction with the system. Thanks!

Please add the action to set light strips to sun match

As of writing this , I cannot set up a rule to set my light strips pro to sun match on a schedule

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Night vision needs scheduling

Is there any way to put the night vision on a schedule?? This would be INCREDIBLY helpful. My landscape lighting keeps the cameras in day mode, but also partially blinds them. They see much better in night mode with the lighting, but it seems i can only do that manually, which is not practical on a daily basis.

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I second this suggestion. My garage camera does not always turn on night mode correctly as there are windows on my garage door and the light could often blind/confuse the camera. If night mode can be triggered by sunset, it should solve this problem.

You may wanna consider the bypass factor. Your A/c is designed to have a certain rate of flow over coil for maximum efficiency. Probably wanna make sure your evaporator coil is clean, check blades of your blower motor. Also, wash out fins of condenser as well.

Floodlight Cam Rules and Functions

I have recently installed 4 floodlight cams and have hit a snag with setting up some automation/rules involving the floodlights of the floodlight cams. I would like the lights to be on at my house from sunset to a specific time, then switch to auto with PIR motion detection, then stay off throughout the day.

Current Situation and Rules: I have rules set for 3 of the 4 floodlights set to turn on before sunset and then to shut off at a specific time. This is the snag in the automation. There is no current means to set the floodlights to their auto mode or react to the PIR sensor via schedules, triggers or rules. Once the light is set to OFF its OFF, which I understand, but it would be great to either be able to set a new set of rules, triggers to use the PIR sensor and light timer, OR allow rules and schedules to overide the auto mode of the floodlight settings. Below are a couple examples of how the rules could be done if changes can be made from current situation.

Option 1: Rule 1: Floodlight on at sunset. Rule 2: Floodlight off at specific time Rule 3: Floodlight PIR sensor motion detection with floodlight on for 3 mins after motion detection Rule 4: Floodlight off from sunrise to sunset.

Option 2: Floodlight in auto mode during time period A to B with schedules or rules overriding auto mode outside of time period.

Option 3: Adding schedules and actions into automode involving when the lights stay on vs PIR sensor. In the app it appears as if you could do this but it doesn’t state anywhere that the rules override this mode. I have tested this, set schedules and the lights don’t stay on during scheduled time and only do auto mode settings of the PIR sensor.

Hopefully this is an easy fix or update to do. This would allow me to have my property lit during the times I want and reactant to motion through late night earlier morning.

Thanks in advance

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I see that ‘send custom message’ as a push notification is on the list, but all I really want is the ability to push the siren to my phone. I only have the siren on at night, and have an extra v3 beside my bed pointed at the wall so that I can trigger a siren at night that will wake me up. This also doesn’t help if I not home.

This is the action I came here to porpose. Thank you!

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Allow Wyze Switch to Arm/Disarm Wyze Home Monitoring

I know Wyze is working on a button… but Wyze switch should be able to do more things within the Wyze ecosystem as-is. I think a double tap or triple tap should be able to arm/disarm Wyze Home Monitoring. Seems like an easy option to add.

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Adding feature to rules for on/off pan scan

It’d be nice if you guys can create/add an option to the rules to be able to turn on and off pan scanning in addition to an option for turning on and off detection zone for the cam pan v1

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I also put in a request a month or 2 ago to be able to turn off pan scanning as it’s annoying to try to turn the camera to look at something, & it quickly bounces back to default position. And more so annoying to have to trun off the detection zone & have to reset the detection zones just so I could rotate the camera around for a couple of minutes. I Requested, under More, to add the option to tick off\on the panning (for pan 1 & 2).
I don’t know if my wish went any where as never saw it posted!

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Night vision needs a schedule

Seriously need to offer night vision on a schedule, as landscape lighting blinds the camera,

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Add a toggle option to wyze switch

Under rules and additional Co tr9ls for the wyze switch currently you can only explicitly turn another switch on or off. Please add a ‘toggle state’ option. Essentially if on it would turn off and if off it would turn on. The option currently causes a user to set a two press or three press option and remember which does what.


Schedule night vision on/ off

  1. Be able to schedule switching between views. I currently have decorative lights outside during this season that makes the normal non night vision washed out, at night. When I turn it off and use night vision, it’s fine, but there is too much light to let the device automatically switch.

  2. I would like to have cameras that will be in night vision be able to switch to color upon being triggered, so as to have both color and night vision imagery to better identify what is in the video, then return to whatever is the default view for that time/ schedule.

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Pan cams moves to sensor way point

I would like to put in a request to add a feature to the pan cams that when a senors is trigger it will move to look at the sensor.

For example if there are door sensors, leak sensors, or motion sensors. We could set way points that look at the areas of those sensors and when trigger the cam will move to view those areas.

This could be useful to monitor like doors and water heaters in a garage or basement or multiple doors/windows and a house.

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I would like ability to set a rule so my interior v3 cams are off as default when Home monitoring is disarmed and then on when away. And off again when disarmed.

how do we find it to vote for it?

Allow rules to trigger air purifier to run in turbo mode

Trying to set up a rule for a motion sensor (set up in the litter box) to trigger the air purifier to run in turbo mode. The only options to set for the purifier to run in “auto” or “sleep” or turn it off. Requesting a change so that manual modes can also be triggered

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