Add More Actions for Wyze Rules

Received my Sense kit today and setup was a breeze! Both sensors and motion sensor are functioning correctly. Only problem I’m having is that there is no way to turn off notifications for all three without going into the settings of each and un-checking. The devices are not showing up in the “Shortcuts” section either. Would love if you could incorporate these with the Wyze Cams’ “turn off all notifications” shortcut for times when we are home and they are not needed.


@chaybee1 I’ve moved your post over to this #wishlist topic and added Wyze Sense to the feature list at the top. You should scroll to the top and click the VOTE button.

Also, if you want zero notifications from Wyze, you can toggle that using the bell icon at the top right of the app home page. (That doesn’t help if you want notifications for some but not all devices.)

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Has anyone set up a shortcut to make groups?
For example I would like to see 4 cameras some time but other times 2 sets of 2.
Is it possible?

I have a Wyze Cam Pan on the window ledge in my kitchen. I use the pan scan to watch the kitchen and the deck through the window. At night it constantly switches from dark mode when it looks out the window. it would be great if you could turn off and on pan scan at a set time so at night it would just look inside instead of outside.

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Just received my sensors in the mail today and all setup. The response timing is pretty good. The only thing I see missing is the on/off button and an option to schedule, just like the cams

Add time periods to the alert controls. In addition to “open for longer than x amount of time” add “open after time”. I want to know if my garage door has been left open after 9PM.

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please add schedule (which is available for camera) for sensors.

we only want sensor to send notification over a certain period of time.


My wishlist suggestion got added to this suggestion. Although you were just talking about a on/off toggle, I would like for Wyze to add sense to “shortcuts” like you guys mentioned above, and also add a “schedule” for notifications, just like the cameras have.


I wish I could turn off the Wyzecam Sense motion detector when I get home. I have my cameras set up to turn off when I get home, and click the shortcut that I am home. Sense devices need to be added to this feature.


As of now they are beta testing turning off all devices, they don’t have it separated between contact and PIR
/edit - sorry for confusion - I meant turning off all device notifications

Please allow for Wyze Sense to send a notification based on a time schedule. Door / window open past xx:xx, etc.


Allow for the use of the internal SD card to buffer the live recording for "record on motion " so that the previous 10 seconds of footage can be captured instead of missing precious frames of what triggered the recording to begin with…motion events can happy very quickly and it would be great to capture the whole scene- especially if it something serious like a crime.


Is this the proper place to request the ability to turn on/off notifications for Wyze Sense products?

Yes to these:


I also agree that would be very desirable if it were possible in the future to do that easily by the programmers

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Hi, in the Sensor Videos Settings please add time scheduling. Please add a Start time and End Time so the camera will record on motion only between those times. For example I only want to record video on my sliding door between 12am and 6am. Also, please allow us to select multiple videos in the motion detected video list so we can delete in bulk. I also don’t want to have to watch it to delete it.


I wish we can have a feature to schedule / enable wyze sensors notifications. I do not need to be notified motion or doors being opened during the day; only from 6PM to 6AM. This feature would be great feature to have.

It would be nice to be able to set when the sensors are active/turn on certain time of the day like the cameras. Even better to have the same shortcut features like the cameras. I think this would save the battery usage.

I would really appreciate if this can be done. Currently an action can turn on motion detection but no sound detection.
I was planning to use actions actions to circumvent the limited options from scheduling on the app.
I want to have sound and motion detection to trigger recording at certain times on certain dates.
Apparently this is also limiting for IFTTT (presumably same reason?)

I would defiantly love to see a time sync feature. I have multiple cameras around my house. There are times when viewing events and I miss the motion that triggered the event. I assume it is a time sync issue. After I sync the cameras individually takes forever :weary: it fixes it until a week or three has passed and I have to do it again. This is a wishlist item, but also fix for what I am sure is an issue on all cameras.

So to the point:

-It would be nice to have the App push the RTP (time) info to all the devices on the network once the app is opened.

-Sync the time at a specific time.

-if all else fails, just give us the access to include the time sync option as a scheduled task and we can determine which/how many cameras will sync the time.