Add More Actions for Wyze Rules

My cameras pick up wind motion on the pond, plants moving with the breeze and evening/night insects even headlights from cars turning the corner activate the cameras. In my case it would waste a lot of water

Sprinkler zone on/off for x amount of time activated by motion detection on a camera. Bundle the sprinkler controller with a V3 and you got a hot selling item putting the standalone cheap motion activated yard sprinklers out of business. Please I need to keep that cat from using my yard as a litter box.

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I wish I could adjust the sensitivity of the motion detector automatically based off the time of the day. In the afternoon, when the sun is below the tree line between 1:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. The shadows set off my alarm continuously.


Yes! there are many instances where I get excessive notifications/events due to the time(s) of day! Aside from shadows in the morning/evenings, I have lights running on schedules, that end up causing “motion” events on nearby cameras, and many other similar time-based scenarios where I’d like to adjust either the detection sensitivity, or the detection zone, or other settings.

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+1 for activate Sun Match mode!
I often change my lights to fun (or extra warm) colors at night, but I want it to be on Sun Match mode when I use my lights again the next day. I hate that I have to manually turn Sun Match back in after every time I change the colorz

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Add action for Wyze bulb white [or all bulbs] when triggered to set timer

Would wish an option should be added by actions when Wyze bulb white is triggered from an other device thru a rule

Want to be able to set a rule when Wyze cam detects motion it should turn on bulb white for a few minutes, this would be easily done if there would be an option to trigger the timer to turn off the lights in lets say 5-10 minutes

Example: I create a rule: When Cam4 detects motion.
Action 1: turn on bulb white
Action 2: set timer to turn bulb white off in 10 minutes
So this way whenever there’s motion in that area the bulb will turn on for a few minutes to shine the way.

Hope this should be added soon.
Thank you!

I can create a rule for light on when a motion detected by a camera.
However, can it be automatically turned off after 20 seconds or sometime?


Sadly not

Until Wyze implements the following change, noted in the 1st post under “Requested Rule Actions

  • Change Bulb brightness/color temp/color/on/off for X minutes then return to previous state

you can create a 2nd rule/trigger to automatically turn off your Wyze smart bulb:

What I had to do to work around the shortage of that concept is create a few rules for my front light.
The first one is to turn it on from a time after sunset, another rule to turn it off at like 11pm.
Then I created a trigger rule with the camera that turns the light on if motion is detected between 11 and 6am. Then a fourth rule to turn the light off if it has been on for more than x minutes between the same hours.

I’d note that 20 seconds is a very short time for a triggered light and it could go off since the original motion on the camera is the trigger. There is no mating to continuous motion either.

I’d also note that my trigger is motion, not “person detected” as I found that the AI detection is not as good in the dark.

This has been a frequent request that has existed for a while. It really makes a lot of sense, basically working like a security light.

Bummer, isn’t this a reasonable action for a wall plug/light?

That’s a wonderful idea
However it will interrupt with any schedules you’ve made.

Lets say I want the light to turn on for 5 minutes every time there’s motion and also want it to be on every day 5:00 Am till 5:45 Am this won’t work…

I didn’t see the “If” in the app

I will try it

You want your light to turn on for 5 minutes upon motion during the day?

During night, But shouldn’t interrupt schedules

If your schedule has the light on at night, what does motion-detected enabling of light do?

The thing is like this i want to create a schedule for regular using hours [only 30 minutes-hour a night] but it should also turn on for 5 minutes every time motion is detected during the night, this way i cover all types of different changes in schedule

When creating the trigger to turn light off when on for X time, simply add a time constraint that is outside of your regular schedule so the two don’t conflict. Time constraint is located at bottom of Trigger ('if Time").

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