Add More Actions for Wyze Rules

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Allow lights to come on for a number of minutes rule

It is great that we can create a rule to turn on lights when triggered by a detection but it would be better if you could set to turn them on after triggered in a rule for some number of minutes and then go off again. I really don’t want the lights on until they encounter the scheduled off command the next night. Basically pairing an off command with an on command.

[Mod Note]: This is a merged #wishlist submission. The “Change Bulb brightness/color temp/color/on/off for X minutes then return to previous state” action listed in the 1st post would allow this to be accomplished. Remember to scroll up to the top and click the VOTE button.

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New actiond addition: turn on dark mode, turn off dark mode.

It’d take me hours to find this in this convoluted forum.
Can yall just simply add “turn on dark mode”/“turn off dark mode” to actions so this can be scheduled? These cam aren’t always capable of determining when it’s dark and light so this won’t work as needed. It requires two time daily turning these on and off, and it’s cumbersome, I’d LOVE nothing more with these cams right now (besides DARK MODE) than to schedule this action and let it go from my twice-daily routine to make a few of these cams function. If there’s already turning on/off motion, turning on and off lights and all, it seems to me it’d be an easy move, yes?
Thank you, Wyze Dogs.


I would like to be able to trigger a notification on iphone or ipad or speaker on hub with a specific message or tone if a rule meets a condition --. such as person identified in front yard between sunrise and 11pmannounces “person in frontyard” with a defined tone. and have different messages with different tones for backyard, inside rooms, etc.

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When your home monitor alarm/siren trips you can make one of your outside cams/floodlight sirens go off.

This is a major flaw of the home monitor kit. No outside siren. Siren is kind of useless inside.

Can we get a hashtag for this topic #Worthless, the wyze people send us here and merge/close topics to this thread which is the titanic, a place where everything sinks forever and the occupants just freeze to death from silence.

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I do expect that the Wyze team is actually reading our comments, however, it would help if they actually gave us a quarterly update. Rather than worthless, I hope for #worthwhile and again ask if a quarterly or bi-annual update can be made available. of perhaps the top 10 areas of focus or something.
@UserCustomerGwen any chance of something like this. As mentioned, there are a lot of very interesting / helpful suggestions consolidated into this topic inclduing a few of mine… @WyzeJimmy perhaps something like a FridayFix for this topic!! and a few others …


I agree wholeheartedly. Lumping all the more actions for rules into a single, voted on item that is only differentiated by comments is neither helpful to the customers or the devs. There would need to be a lot of labor spent by the moderators to make this useable.
The problem really appears to be the classic programming piece of events, actions, and objects. Some, like turning off a lamp that was turned on by an event would seem to be easy. But that requires the lamp to know not only that it is on, but why it is on. Simply saying turn it off if it is on for more than x minutes at a given time period doesn’t cut it. Maybe you’re up late or early and want it on. Just an example but so many of these requests fall into that category; it seems they don’t have the causing event status in the system. Simply let us know that and we’ll all check back later.


I agree in principle. I use to be able to use the v1 motion sensor to ‘turn on light’, then turn off light after X minutes
Thanks to updates, NONE of my sensors will include to my bridge
I now am using my camera to turn them on after sensing motion, but the rules don’t offer good ways to turn them ‘off’

sad to hear. It sounds like this should be a Friday-Fix item for the Motion Sensor V1 if the functionality was previously in the Motion Sensor V1?? @WyzeJimmy @UserCustomerGwen I can turn on & off with my new V2 motion sensor. (see attached screenshot)

It would really help to be consistent with the motion sensors on the Cams as well. It is confusing why a Cam motion sensor would only provide an on and not an off. When buying a device you presume that both would be included!! :thinking::slightly_smiling_face: Notice that I used presume instead of assume!! :grinning: Hopefully the Wyze Engineers and DecisionMakers have this on their list!.

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I’ve got a couple rules items that I’d like added.

I’d love to see vacation mode available in my rules for my Wyze plugs and Wyze wall switches. This way I can have vaction mode for all devices turn on or off with one rule instead of having to hit to each device/group.

I’d also love to see and On/off functionality added to rules. I want to be able to double click on my Wyze wall switch and turn on my porch Wyze sockets but if they are already on I want them to turn off. Basically its an if/then. If on, then turn them off. If off, then turn them on. This functionality could be great for some of the plugs and Wyze lights as well.

It’s a bit sad, I feel like Wyze has so many products and services to make some crazy good automations yet are lacking the automation now. Like why can’t the cameras and HMS not interact, HMS and lights (strips, or bulbs), HMS to outlets, HMS to triggers. This is a major software feature that would take Wyze security to another level. I really hope this is given more thought

I’d like to have my floodlight automatically shut off after a few minutes of no detection.

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The floodlight should already do that natively. At least mine does. Try the following:

  1. Open the cam the floodlight is on
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select Accessories
  4. Select Floodlight
  5. Select Timer
  6. Set the length of time you want it go before it shuts off (I set mine to 3 minutes)

In my experience the light will stay on indefinitely as long as there is movement sensed (depends if you have it set up to detect by the PIR or motion by the camera or what). If there is motion on my camera for 10 minutes, then the light stays on the whole 10 minutes, and then for 3 minutes after it last detects motion, then it will shut off. If there is motion for 5 seconds, then the light only stays on for 3 minutes, then shuts off. If there is motion for 1 minute, then no motion for 2 minutes, then motion again for 1 minute then no motion for 3 minutes, it will stay on for 7 minutes straight because when the new motion came in before the 3 minutes was up, it resets the timer to start over. Therefore if you set the timer in the settings there it should function the way you want…at least that’s how mine appears to work…exactly as is being requested. The floodlight stays on as long as there has been motion in the last 3 minutes, but anytime there is no motion for 3 minutes or longer it shuts off until the next time it detects motion.

You may need to make sure it is set up to only turn on automatically and only when there is motion detected (no sunset to sunrise option, and maybe no sound detection option, etc…

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Disarm alarm when approaching the door

Would be handy to have the alarm disarm when you arrive home with your iPhone in your pocket.

[Mod edit] added the “HMS system mode change (Disarmed, Home, Away, Test)” to the list of actions requested…

Vacuum area clean on Switch controls

I have a Wyze Switch in each room and I’d like to set a double click action in each room that tells the vacuum to clean just that specific room, but right now the Vacuum double click action can only be set to clean the entire house. Would it be possible to add an area clean option for the Switch controls?

Thermostat- change fan setting with rules

Allow setting the fan setting to auto or on from a rule.

Create a rule that when a camera you select detects motion a sprinkler zone that you select turns on for a period of time that you also select. This will be useful in a lot of ways, mainly for unwanted animals in your yard to be scared away by that sprinkler zone coming on. They sell a standalone product that hooks to your hose and you stick it in the lawn and when it detects motion, it turns the sprinkler on for a short period of time. Seems to me if you bundle the sprinkler controller with a camera you would be a much better product than any of the motion activated sprinklers I have researched but did not purchase because reviews were very poor on all of them. I have multiple cameras and would like to set up a couple of them to turn on a different sprinkler zone for a short period of time just to scare away this cat that keeps using my yard as a litter box. Big selling feature!!!

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