Add More Actions for Wyze Rules

In the Wyze app in Motion Sensor Settings / Sensor videos, you can associate a Wyzecam to a Motion Sensor so that each time there is motion detected by the sensor, the camera it will automatically record an event.
I would like to have the possibility to temporarily disable this “event recording” in other words to ignore / enable the motion detection.
This is possible for the Wyzecam, by enabling / disabling Motion detection, but it’s not possible on the Motion Sensor.
WHY DO WE NEED? when nobody is at home (I want to avoid recording events uselessly because my family members move in front of the sensor). IFTTT can be used to enable / disable motion detection for the Wyzecam. Similarly, enabling/ignoring motion detection should be made possible for the Motion Sensor.
Implementing this feature would be very simple, just an ON/OFF switch in the Wyze app - Enable/Ignore Motion for the Motion Sensor.

@titust11, I have merged your #wishlist submission here for these reasons:

(1) There is a #wishlist topic for On/Off Toggles/Schedule for Wyze Sense sensors. However it is marked as “not likely” because the hardware implementation will not support it.

(2) In the list of requested rule actions at the top of this topic is “Toggle Sensor Video recording for Wyze Sense sensors (by sensor or event type]”. This would satisfy your request.

Please be sure to scroll up to the top and click the VOTE button.

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Yes “ Toggle on/off sensor video recording for Wyze sense sensors” would satisfy my request. But this option should be configurable by IFTTT and or Alexa Skill

You can achieve this easily with Alexa routines

Guys, even if this topic is at “maybe later”, it will never be implemented by wyze because there are way too many changes in a single wish. I can bet. I guess we should open topics on the wishlist more granularly and less in bulk.
Also the work of the wyze moderators is to group similar requests, but this does not help in this particular thread because there are too many modification requests. We should be more specific

I see what you’re saying. But I think what they’re doing is watching what all of the options are being asked for and at a later date they will break it down into smaller categories and have us vote on those. Right now they’re wanting to see exactly how many changes and what changes need to be made then they can step in and break it down into what they are capable of doing quickly and what takes more time and have us vote on what we would prefer. Right now we’re giving them an overview and I think that’s how they are viewing it. Just my opinion

@titust11, It is being done this way because this is the way Wyze has asked the moderators to do it. Here’s why: By grouping these together, we are collecting votes on how important the community thinks improvements to the rule actions are collectively. If they were separated out into 30+ separate topics, the votes could be diluted.

When it comes time for Wyze to begin working on rule action improvements, they will evaluate which have the highest priority based on community interest and need (primarily by reviewing the comments here) and other factors such as feasibility, cost and difficulty of implementation.


Yup what I said


When that time comes, I hope they’ll keep in mind that a Wyze Virtual Switch will be able to automate several of these with one simple interface. :slight_smile:

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Change color of the active shortcut like below.

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My wife works from home and has clients coming in and out of the house all day. We love the auto-lock feature but it’s inconvenient for her and her customers during work hours and she would love it if you could choose to limit auto-lock to a schedule

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That’s a great idea. I was thinking we had that option but we don’t. If you could shut it off during business hours that would be good for at home workers. My wife is a massage therapist and does manicure and pedicure and might move her business in home. She’d hate it too. Remember it to be voted on once the door is out of EA. Again very good idea imo.

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When making a rule I’d like to add some timing option.
E.g. when door sensor opens turn on light, then turn off light.


You can already do that. I have that set up on two doors.We have to make 2 Rules. One you’ll set the trigger for The contact sensor and then you will set the Action will be the wyze bulbs that you’ve installed. And you’ll check on. Then you’ll set another rule and you’ll do trigger same contact sensor and the same bulbs and but this time select off.

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You do the exact same thing if you want to use a motion sensor to trigger lights also. You would need to set up two rules.

I would like rules actions to allow capability to enable or disable other select Rules.
I have a rule to turn on my basement lights triggered by motion. I have another rule to turn these lights off when motion has been clear for “x” time.

My Basement is also my home theater. I want to make a shortcut to disable my basement motion dection rules and set mood lighting appropriate for movie watching.

Allowing rules to be able to enable/disable other rules would be very powerful.

In addition, it would be great to add a Wyze widget, for Android, to put secect rules shortcuts on my home screen

For the Android widget, see this:


Get a Logitech Harmony elite remote and you can do all of that and more that’s how I have mine set up. I have a Home Theater with 150 inch screen in a 4K projector. I tell Alexa going to Theater the stair lights come on and the theater lights come on. I use my Harmony remote which is activity-based. I push one button to watch whatever device I choose. So say Dish. Dish dvr , Onkyo receiver and my projector comes on. The theater lights go off and the stair lights go off all with one button. And if I want to I can program it to have a lamp come on or outside lights come on/off. Close blinds. Whatever And when I hit off it shuts everything off turns on the theater and stairs lights.When I’m upstairs I say Alexa leaving theater and theater and stair lights go off.

Color me jealous.

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If you lived close you could come over and watch the Super Bowl in 4K. But regardless you’re welcome anytime.


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