Add More Actions for Wyze Rules

I’d like for the ability to change the scene of the WYZE Bulb Color to another specific scene.

At the moment I have to use a shortcut to manually reset a couple groups of the color bulbs whenever a trigger happens, would like more automation abilities.


  1. Front Patio Doorbell Camera detects Person
  2. Bulb A triggers Scene A that turns on Light and changes to specific color and temperature lets say “RED AT 100%”
  3. Bulb A then has another rule that whenever Scene A is on for for X amount of minutes will revert back to a specific default scene lets say “BLUE AT 25%”

For example on a property that I have I’d like to be notified if someone triggered the Front Porch and Backyard cameras, trigger my living room ceiling fan bulbs to RED AT 100% for the Front Porch and YELLOW AT 100% for the backyard while always staying at a specific default color BLUE AT 25%.

Thanks for the great products you create WYZE, truly enjoy them for the price and quality you provide!

[Mod Note]: Request moved here from Add More Device Triggers for Wyze Rules as your need is related to “Actions” vs “Triggers”.