Add More Actions for Wyze Rules

Thanks. I tried resetting the controller 2ice as well as the camera, then unplugged & plugged both back in. Opens fine with Alexa now to open, but won’t close. The blue listening indicator displays (on Alexa show), but then goes away as the verbal command just isn’t working to close. It will close in rules at the set time if left open. Was hoping to eliminate having to have to have to get out my phone, log in, open the wyze app, & dig thru the windows to get to the controller. I can use my watch to open, but not close, so I still have to use my phone & the app. Don’t understand why we have these problems! Glad you got yours working again.

It looks like Google Assistant integration works now, for both Open and Close. Open needs a PIN, close does not. I’ll post details in a separate thread so it’s more visible.

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Thanks for the info. I got google assistant to close the door, however when I give it the code to open, google assistant says it’s incorrect. It’s correct & opens with my code using Alexa, but Alexa won’t open. Nothing like having to use 1 os to open & another to close lol Did you have to configure the code in google assistant? I can’t find where to do that if so.

I wasn’t sure where the PIN goes at first either. I thought it would be my Android PIN, then my Google PIN. But it turned out to be a PIN set in the Wyze app. See my full post on this at the link below – I detail where I found the setting in the app there:


I’d love an “open” option for setting rules. I also tried to put a shortcut on my app. When I hit it, the door opened then closed right away.

Add a scheduled rule to turn on vacation mode for wyze bulb white at times we would like for it to be turned on besides the pre set vacation times from 6 am - 9 am and 6 pm - 11 pm like they are set to turn on in vacation mode

I would like to have a schedule rule to turn on vacation time for my wyze bulb white from the hours of 11 pm - 6 am .

That way we can deter an intruder from breaking in , bc they think someone’s up during those times . 8 pm -11 pm no one really cares bc it’s still early in the night . From 11 pm - 6 am a lot of late night activity and lights turning on/off during that time would be best to fend off any intruders!

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@Loki , this is an excellent list of requested actions.

Does Wyze ever provide an update on this list?

If any items are added to roadmap are they tagged as moved to roadmap?


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Good question… We update the lists when time allows. When an action is implemented (made available via the production Wyze app), the action is moved from Requested Rule Actions to Existing Rule Actions in the 1st post of this topic.


This area doesn’t follow the regular procedure where items get moved to roadmap. Any of the mods will modify the top post if they notice or someone points out that an action has been implemented, but I don’t regularly check the list for items that may have been implemented.


I have 4 cams that dusk or dark does not help activate the night mode, too much ambient light but not enough to make the change to night mode happen on its own requiring going from cam to cam in app and activating night mode then changing it back again during the daytime. Not being one who hangs out here in wishland much at all, is this something even being discussed as a potential action addition in the wyze app so people like me could properly automate something taking up a TON of our time?

I have the same issue. During the day, I need a high sensitivity, but when in night mode any slight flitter will trigger an event. Being able to adjust motion sensitivity by rules would be great.

It would also be great, if using auto turn on and off of night mode as a trigger for a rule would be possible, rather than having to go by sunset and sunrise.

I have just recently noticed that I could create multiple rules for my Cam Plus camera.
It would be nice if currently active rule(s) is/are highlighted in different color somehow, so I could see it easily and knew what is in effect.

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Hi, yes, I have just posted the same suggestion to have an active rule to be highlighted somehow.
That would be much better user-friendly approach than the current implementation of that feature.

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If Bulb off (during schedule), turn on (with definable settings)

It would be nice to be able to set a rule that will work in conjunction with the “when motion detected rule”, to set your bulb brightness, color, and state, back to a previous/desired setting.
Cam motion detected, and rule runs to turn light on (defined brightness, and color). Then after a predefined period of time post motion detection, set bulb back to ‘normal’ settings.


I would like to control advanced settings using rules.

I have V3 cams mounted outdoors, and Outdoor Cams to cover entry/exit paths. I leave the IR lights of the V3s off to avoid false alarms from insects swarming the cam, and would like to momentarily enable their IR illumination when the PIR sensors of the Outdoor Cams detect motion. I can accomplish this if device advance settings are available for Rule control. Thank you.

[Mod Note]: The Cam Outdoor motion detected trigger currently exists. All that is needed is the IR On action which is a current request noted in the 1st post of this topic.

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I have a suggestion for Wyze switch additional controls. Specifically working with the Wyze plug, would it be possible to add another option under the controls possible of “power toggle”? That way I can set up my daughters’ room to have the one switch control the main light and two plugs in their room much better.

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Feature request - App: Add new action

It would be great is there was the ability to add an action to “set night vision mode”. I’d like to be able to force off during the day and on during the night “auto” is way too finicky.

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Connect Monitoring to Rules so that I can use one button to arm/disarm AND turn on/off various appliances in one shot.

PLEASE Wyze create a rule to trigger OFF Wyze plug when the thermostat turns off from either heat or cooling. Doesn’t make sense to trigger for ON only but not OFF such is currently the case… :man_shrugging: C’mon Wyze! In my want for this wish list item, I’m going to DIY my own AC Infinity Airtap by incorporating a pair of 120mm fans to place behind my register vents to boost their output that would ultimately automatically turn on when connected to a Wyze plug when my Wyze thermostat turns on or off. Apparently from what I understand, I can trigger the plug to turn on when the thermostat turns on heat or A/C, but you can’t currently trigger it to turn off… I’ve also read that a work around for this is to get a Wyze climate sensor that pairs with the thermostat as well as a sense hub to achieve this. Seems like overkill for a simple function that should only require a plug and adding the off rule trigger along with the on trigger. Please Wyze add the OFF trigger rule, thank you! :pray:


A floodlight rule

As we all know , the floodlight when set to only turn on when motions been detected by the camera or the pir sensor , the floodlight will be OFF.

This unit does not have the dimming option like some other floodlights have to dim the lights a little and light up the area a little bit and then turn the floodlights completely on when motions been detected.

So I though a rule should be added to the floodlight , we could set up a rule with the action “set brightness to X % “ that we would like and when motion is detected by the pir sensor or camera it’ll turn the brightness all the way up to whatever brightness we have it set to.