Add More Actions for Wyze Rules

Shortcut Option to allow Opening a Garage Door Controller. Currently closing is an option, and it’d be superb to be able to set up a widget and have both open and close available, or even just from my Wyze Watch Shortcuts.

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Purifier need a “Turn on” option for making a scheduled rule

Currently unable to schedule “manual” run for the air purifier. My allergies are worst just before/after sunrise and just before/after sunset. I’d like to preemptively schedule a run on the air purifier starting an hour before sunrise, lasting for 2 hours, and the same for sunset. Current choices are limited to:

  • Turn on to Auto
  • Turn on to Sleep
  • Turn off

None of these seem to provide the simple “turn on” functionality I want. With these choices there is no option to make it run according to a schedule.

Need a new option while making a rule:

  • Turn on

So far I have kept it on Auto, but it thinks the air is clean while my eyes are itchy and I’m sneezing a lot. Maybe its not as sensitive as me. ha!

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Shortcut for chime on/off

Would love if one could turn on/off chime fast with a shortcut if eg. you take a nap after work etc.

Rule-based app control of fan speed on new air purifier requested.

I want to set the fan speed of our new Wyze air purifiers to Auto every morning but then change the fan speed to a fixed speed at a fixed time each evening. I can currently do this and control the air purifier fan speed using verbal commands through Alexa . . . so it seems to me this should be an easy air purifier rules integration to the Wyze app.

Switch between color and infrared with motion

Please allow for a trigger to have an action option to switch from say infrared to color and then switch back after x time.

I can see better with infrared but I was too be able to see color on motion and for at least part of the recording.


Wyze Cam Outdoor, Scheduled Recording in Rules

Hi all
Rather than Livestream as with Wyze Cam 3, the Wyze Cam Outdoor uses Scheduled Recording to record set periods of time.

As a wishlist enhancement can I suggest that the option to have Scheduled Recording included in Rules be examined as it would be a great enhancement to the camera.

Once under Rules the option to set up regular Scheduled Recording sessions would be much easier over different time schedules and different times of the week.


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I have my V3 scheduled to only record from sunset to sunrise.

Wyze 3 Spotlight will not automatically turn off

I have searched and not been able to find a way to set an automatic turn off the spotlight on my Wyze 3. Suggest that me incorporated into next update. It is very annoying to have to manually turn it off after each rule activations.l

No Motion - Lamp Socket Off

I have a v3 cam connected to a Wyze lamp socket on my front porch, I have created a rule that when my the cam detects motion (during night hours only) it enables the light bulb installed into the Wyze lamp socket. It works perfectly however there I have found no way to to turn it back off. After emails with support they told me to post in the wishlist forums because this is not possible which seems odd to me.

I currently see no rule action called “camera detects no motion”, or anything similar, to create the logic that would turn the light back off. Being able to turn it back off after X amount of minutes would be a plus.

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Auto close garage door after X time

I can’t program a rule to auto close the garage door after it’s been opened for, say 30 minutes. I tried to use a Device Trigger rule for Garage Camera’s Motion sensor, but the Schedule option has only a specific time, rather than “No motion for X amount of time”. Alternatively, it could be a NOT logic on the motion sensor, and Duration of X minutes.


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A post was merged into an existing topic: Add More Device Triggers for Wyze Rules

More control over vacation mode.

  1. Ability to create a group so vacation mode can be enabled across multiple devices at once.

  2. Rules / triggers so vacation mode to be set automatically when HMS is set to Away.

  3. Vacation mode limited to certain times of the day. I don’t need a light to come on in the middle of the the day.

Allow Rules/schedules to individual control the 16 customizable segments of the Wyze Light Strip Pro

The Wyze Light Strip Pro has 16 customizable segments, Can each of those segments be controlled by Rules in the same way if I had 16 individual Wyze Color bulbs?

Reason for asking, is, I have four color lights that I currently control via rules when certain things occur within my Wyze Eco System.

Such as Refrigerator left open: Flash two of those bulbs red (five times) followed by same two bulbs on to red at 50% until and then turned off when the Refrigerator Door is closed.

I use activity at my Wyze Video Doorbell to light one light Red.

Another activity is if a critter (raccoon, lizard, coyote etc) is detected by a V3 or WCO in the backyard… the Wyze Color light facing that side of the house… turns on to ‘green’, and then off 45 seconds later.

The four bulbs I have…. and all of the different rules I’m using, I’m thinking if I have 16 segments on a Wyze Light Strip Pro…. I could get even more ‘creative’ with my rules.

Is this possible?


RE: Wyze Strip Light Pro and Rules - #3 by nixhome2020


Great idea! :+1:


Please add a rule group action that will turn off notifications for a selected group of entry and motion sensors, for a select time—like, turn off for one hour, or until tomorrow. It would be nice not to have to select individual sensors—which would make way too many shortcuts and rules, and also not to have to make a schedule since when I want to turn off notifications for entry and motion sensors changes daily.

Thank you

Scene selection for automation rule triggers

Devices in Wyze allow for automation rules to be defined. (E.g. for the light strip pro). They also allow defining scenes to create preferred light settings, like colors etc.

Wish: the ability to use scenes for the trigger action on automation rules. Currently you can only select specific colors via the color picker.

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Night Vision Scheduling V2 and V3 Cams

Currently, the only options for night vision are Auto, On, or Off. I would like to be able to set the time for the night vision to go on and off instead of relying on Auto, or having it always on or always off. Quick and easy software addition <3

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Can we add an option to schedule a time for night vision mode to be on/off? Sometimes night vision mode turns off too early and I can’t see very well.