Add More Actions for Wyze Rules

It would be very helpful to have multiple actions performed on a single schedule or shortcut rule, across varying devices and performing varying actions. For example, when I was setting up some schedules last night:

Bed Time Rule:
Enable motion sense on room A
Enable notifications on room A
Enable motion sense on room B
Enable notifications on room B
Enable motion sense on doorbell
Disable notifications on doorbell
Disable chime from doorbell events

Wake Up Rule:
Turn off cam in room A
Turn off cam in room B
Enable motion sense on doorbell
Enable notifications on doorbell
Enable chime for doorbell events

Arm System Shortcut (when leaving house) - similar grouping of actions and event handling


I would like to be able to set multiple schedules times for different actions on my cams with Cam Plus instead of just 1 on and off per day. For instance, turn on at 9AM, off at 5PM, back on at 11PM.

It would be nice to also be able to change the recording duration. For instance, during the day, I want to see what my dog is doing, but I don’t need an hour of her chewing on a toy, so I would set that duration for 2 minutes. At night I want full motion recording.
Instead of separate rules, a scheduling calendar like a smart thermostat would be nice.

Would like the new bulb to be user programmable (Rule) with a routine(s) that allows it to flash a particular color(s) if say, the door sensor were activated between times X to Y
Scenario: 2:30 AM Burglar breaches door, sensor tells bulb(s) to turn on Red color and begin flashing. Perhaps going to full White color after X time to Illuminate room for homeowner or Law Enforcement to clear/secure room.


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Could someone sum all the actions that exist at the present?
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This! :point_up:t3:

@Loki or other mods, will you consider the potential value of updating the list of rule requests in the first post to be a multiple selection “Poll”?

Rationale: People can then mark which rules are their most desired rules and the highest priority. This allows Wyze to see which of the dozens of requests would more likely be the most useful to most of their customer base or bring the most value and which ones they should consider working on first. Then this thread will both aggregate the total reasonable rule requests (as intended) AND still allow us all to “vote” on individual rules like we’re usually able to do in the wishlist to indicate which of the ideas are the most valuable to most of the community.

I think it would be interesting to potentially get an idea of which of those dozens of requests in the list are widely high demand and which ones are more personalized niche-requests.


For the Pan Cam and different than turn pan scan on or off; please consider allowing it to toggle between positions at a specified time or specified time of day relative to outside lighting. Ideally, I would like it to be in position one during day light hours (looking out a window) and during nighttime hours, turn on infrared (which I see is mentioned) and rotate to position 2, looking inside the building. I believe this would require ability to select what position at what time (position 1 or 2… and might as well throw in all 4) and that the device knows when twilight is for the date and location of the camera.

I would like to expand on automations to allow triggers, actions and IF statements to control and use other rules, or to be able to schedule rules to be disabled for certain times etc. For example when a rule runs we would have the ability to disable or reenable other rules in the list, as well as the ability to run shortcuts and other rules based on wether or not another rule is enabled and active. So you would be able to setup rules and when they run they can enable, disable or run another rule/shortcut from the list instead of having to manual enable or disable rules or manually select and run shortcuts.

Eg. When motion is detected disable my rule called “test”

Eg. Between 5pm and 5am enable my rule called “shhhh”

Eg. If motion is detected then disable my rule called “lights override” IF it’s between 5pm and 5am and my rule “Cams” is enabled

Eg. If my rule called “test” is disabled then turn on Wyze cams IF it’s between 5pm AND 5am and my rule “shhhh” is enabled.

Eg. When motion is detected run my rule called “motion light” IF it’s between 5pm and 5am AND my rule “motion light” is enabled.



Some of that IS already available in a ‘basic’ format. For instance, I have a rule for one door that says, IF the sensor is tripped between X & Y tines, turn on each camera (often times they are already on but just in case) start recording, send notification, send to cloud, Turn on all wyze bulbs.

My original wishlist post was for the new bulbs to be able to designate both a color and flash pattern, to deter Mr. Burglar.

But IF I understand you correctly you’d also like rules within rules (If/Then) sub routines? Very Cool idea, IMO


@stinsro426 Yes basically rules within rules. I would like to be able to disable and reenable certain rules without having to actually go into the app and disable the rule.

For example I have a rule that turns on a Wyze bulb when motion is detected. It also turns it off when the sensor is clear. Now what sucks is when it’s night time and I want that light to stay on but I’m not moving (reading a book or something etc) it will end up turning off because of no motion. Now if I had a way to schedule that rule I could set the motion off rule to be disabled around the time I read my book. So when I go into my bed the light will turn on and then I can read my book and go to bed and shortly after my bedtime the rule can reenable and then if the room is clear the light will turn off. I’d also like to be able to run rules based on wether or not another rule is currently enabled or disabled.

For example my rule to turn on that light with motion could be set so it is active and can turn the light on or off depending on wether or not one of my existing rules called “test” is also active. If that rules called “test” is disabled then the rules for the light to turn on and off are also practically disabled as well.

I’m basically looking for a way to override and control some of my rules within other rules/automations.



That all sounds good to me as well.

This Company has been a Godsend to me overall and is very responsive to cumsumer input.

I, apparently was the “Only” person that didn’t get the memo about them discontinuing the door/motion sensors & bridge interfaces in favor of the new Hub-based (and FORCED Home monitoring) of the new system. I REALLY liked the Stand Alone feature of the originals. No monthly fee, nobody (except maybe someone in China​:woozy_face:) watching me get up and let the dog out @ 4 AM w/o putting on my clothes when I forget to disable the camera. :grin:

Truly a Bummer, that so far, they are still having supply problems AND some brilliant bean-counter has determined that giving away the equipment and charging for it is better than just doubling the price (equating to a two year revenue stream from monitoring) and letting people who don’t want the monitoring to have what they want instead of focusing on bottom line profits. Which, btw, I think many people might opt into after (or during) if left to make up their own minds.

Ok, climbing down from my soapbox now.

Still, I “Like” Wyze (a lot) just want them to stay the same-ish.

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I thought I saw an official video of this but mine wont. Can you please make it where in rules when you have the wyze color bulb turn on with an event like when a door opens to change to a certain color? Right now I can just turn it on and set the warmth of the white light but not a color. Id like to set it when the front door is opened it turns blue and the back door it turns red.

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I hope these features will come out.

  1. Change light bulb color with Wyze rules.
    Use Case, when someone rings the doorbell, The light bulb changes color, not just brightness and tone. Also, would like to see this with motion detected on the doorbell also.
  2. Option to turn light blub on and off like a dusk to dawn feature.
  3. Wish there was a feature named “timeout” on the Rules so I can change the light blub hue/brightness for 2 minutes, change it back.
    The use case is pretty much the same as the first. Detech motion or alarm goes off, it turns all the blub red or blinking red.
  4. One of the rules, I wish there was a return to the previous state.
    Use case, when something happens, the light blub will change, then after X minutes. It will return back to its previous state.

Love the idea of a visual doorbell. If I’ve got the headset on and suddenly the bulb lights up or changes color hue or patterns, I’m going to know it the doorbell.

All good ideas.

You can do all of that now through an Alexa… I use a Alexa Flex (which I got for $20 around Christmas from Amazon and now have hidden in my living room plugged directly into a wall socket) and Alexa Routines with a button in the kitchen to change the color to teal in the lamp in the office using a Wyze color bulb if my wife needs to come in during business hours, and then have another button next to my desk that turns it back to white and announces that she “can come in” on that same Echo so she doesn’t interrupt any Zoom meetings I may be in.

I also ditched Wyze’s included doorbell chime, and use my Alexa Flex’s (I have two in total, one in the living room and the other in the kitchen) as chimes, and to run routines with my Wyze gear (like announcing doors opening/closing with Wyze Contact sensors when opened and to turn several lights blue (in the living room, a led night light in the Flex in the kitchen and that same office light blue so I know someone’s at the door on doorbell button presses since I wear headphones when working as mentioned above) and to then turn those same lights pink when baby sounds or motion is detected using IFTTT and the Wyze Cam 3 I have setup above our bassinet to monitor our baby… I also use the Alexa Flex in the kitchen to broadcast to the Google Smart screen to show the doorbell so video comes up on it as soon the doorbell’s pressed! This is all to say that with a $20 Amazon Alexa and a little imagination, you too can run all sorts of routines/rules Wyze will probably never enable (AND YOU NEVER NEED TO HAVE THE ALEXA’S MIC ON, SO THERE’S NO NEED TO WORRY ABOUT AMAZON LISTENING IN!).

Anywho, Hopefully Wyze rolls out official Google Smart display support so I don’t have to use the Alexa+Google Smart Display hack too get a video steam of the doorbell to play on my Google Smart Display in the kitchen on doorbell presses…

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Oh, last one, I have an extra Alexa button that I’m going to turn into a “panic button” that will live on my wife’s nightstand and will warn an intruder, wait a few seconds, play a siren sound, turn my new Wyze color bulbs lights on and red (then stop playing the siren sound and revert the bulbs back to normal then off after a few minutes) should we ever have an intruder in the house (we live in a dicey part of California) again using only a button + $20 Echo Flex as a hub, and the same Wyze color bulbs I just got… :person_shrugging:


Wow! Thanks for the info.

You are SOOOOOO, much further down the road than I am. But with this, I can learn. I’m gonna have to do some research into these things.

Dang, I feel like a Model T next to a Ferrari :slightly_smiling_face: I thought I was doing ok with a coupla cameras and a few door routines.

Probably won’t go quite to your level but so cool to know what can be done.

Thank you.


Please elaborate on this, or link me to it…I am very interested in what you are talking about here. I have both Alexa and Google smart displays, but can only load the doorbell stream on Alexa currently.

I literally have the flex plugged into the outlet above the Google Smart Display. I then have a routine that plays a chime on it, changes the colors on the 3 aforementioned lights, and then literally says aloud “Ok Google, cast doorbell on kitchen display”, making the display show the doorbell video. Like I said it’s a total hack, but it works for now until Wyze enables the feature itself. :+1:t3::person_shrugging:


Yeah, I was a hardcore Google Home stalwart/snob until recently, and basically refused to try an Amazon Echo. Further complicating this was the fact that my wife would pitch a fit if I added any more smart cameras and/or speakers to our small 2 bedroom bungalow (for the record she did pitch a fit when I added the Echos, but got over it quickly when she saw what I was doing with them). She was already starting to feel surveiled with 6 Wyze cams (all outside with the exception of the baby and backdoor cams) and 6 Google Smart devices I’d accumulated over the last 2 years, and didn’t feel the benefit more smart devices would add would be worth the privacy tradeoffs, especially when the company was Amazon (like me, she trusts Amazon with a open mic in our home about as far as I can throw Jeff Bezos). Anywho, when I saw the Amazon Flex on sale in January for $20 and read several articles and teardowns that showed the mic could truly be disabled/muted with the installed button I broke down and bought 2 (placing one in the kitchen and the other in the livingroom respectively). Owning them has been a revelation, and has shown me how much Google has fallen behind in the smart home space (for the record, Alexa is the superior option if you actually want to do anything outside of the Google ecosystem/are a power user)! These $20 smart speakers have basically allowed me automate pretty much anything in my home, regardless of manufacturer, and more importantly are relatively hidden+don’t take up any additional valuable countertop space since they plug directly into a wall socket! As is I essentially use them as automation hubs to run routines (IE: automations) between my various smart home equipment (again regardless of brand) and as chimes/announcement machines! They’re awesome and were a total steal at $20 a pop IMHO!

With all of that said, from a features request perspective as it relates to Wyze rules and such specifically, I just want more hooks I can use to better tie my Wyze stuff into my existing smarthome that allow me to better automate existing or new routines using my other non Wyze equipment, or just out and out new features that fill in gaps in my home setup that my current smart tech can’t do (IE: better response time with regard to people detection in the doorbell so my Wyze color bulb on the porch turns on as fast as possible when it detects an intruder at night, direct doorbell integration with Google Smart Home Displays, and the ability to play alert/siren sounds on the doorbell when it detects a person at a certain hour); all of the other stuff I can figure out with an Amazon Echo and Alexa Routines. :person_shrugging:

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