Add More Actions for Wyze Rules

But let’s say I have a contact sensor on my door or a window and it’s open while Alexa is set to guard, could the chime be updated to allow it to play a warning sound at that time?

Vacation mode is such a pain to do for multiple plugs, why is this not an action so I can setup a shortcut to do them all at once? It’s been on this list over a year now.

You can set vacation mode for all plugs with one action if you create a plug group:

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The problem with putting plugs in a group is that all plugs in a group follow the group rules regardless of what the settings are for the individual plugs.

To be able to use the camera for longer term monitoring, Pan Scan mode is ideal. However, moving every 10 seconds will wear out the motor. Two features would allow this type of monitoring to be possible:

  • Adjust the interval between waypoints (something other than 10 seconds)

  • Turn on Pan Scan on a schedule.


In Rules it would be nice if you could add a duration/time delay for each Action in the list. For example lets say I set up a rule for when my outdoor cam senses motion to then do the following actions:

  • Turn on bulb for duration X seconds.
  • Turn off bulb for duration X seconds.
  • Turn on bulb for duration X seconds.
  • Turn off bulb for duration X seconds.
  • Turn on bulb for duration X seconds.
  • Set bulb brightness to full for duration X seconds (it would take X seconds to go from current brightness to full brightness).
  • Set bulb brightness to min for duration X seconds.
  • Turn bulb off.

The above action would cause the bulb to turn off and on, and then pulse. Currently if I do the above without durations it cycles through them like in a fraction of a second.

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How about work with HomeKit

I run a reptile business and many other keepers are searching for a smartplug with a seconds option on the timer feature, we run electric pumps for misting and foggers that need to run for seconds instead of minutes. This seems to be achievable in an update to the software. I’m sure there are many other useful applications for this as well.

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Would like to be able to have the pan camera automatically rotate to a presettable point when triggered from another Wyze product.


Requesting Pan Scan On/Off in Rule > Action.
There are a lot of moments that my camera mises motions (person) because my cam needs to rotate to its next waypoint ignoring the important events that it needs to capture. The motion tracking should be able to do its trick and get a complete view of the event once pan is off.
Creating a rule that it will resume pan scan after a few seconds if no motion is detected will then let it view different angles again.


Greetings, Was wondering if the engineers could look into adding the changing of the SD card record function into the automation rules list options so as to enable automation for streaming/event record functions, I currently have to switch it manually every night/morning as it’s advantageous to record continuously overnight… no need in the daytime. Thanks so much, LOVE these Cams & sensors- amazing job technically not to mention an incredible price point! Thx, SC

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Welcome to the forums! Thanks for the post and bringing up that use case. That idea is on the list above.

Give this thread a vote!

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I’m not sure what you’re referring to in the post by ’ Loki ’ but if you think that’s what I was proposing I’d implore you to reread my request more thoroughly and ask to to post my request exactly as I’ve worded it, I believe that many users would benefit from that automation … please advise, SC

My mistake, new to the forum, didn’t realize you’d consolidated automation requests so as to simplify their review . Thx for your reply, SC


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Great job to everyone in Wyze.

Is there a way for me to schedule a video recording and upload to cloud option at every waypoint of wzye cam pan. I have setup 4 way points and would like the camera to record 12s or 10s video at each waypoint and upload to cloud. This saves a lot of user clicks to enable pan cam and view the area and disable after checking the way points manually.

Rule Groups! Just like Device Groups! So you can easily enable/disable a defined group of rules, just like you can easily turn on/off a defined group of devices. Easy!

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Shortcut to turn on vacation mode on various plugs and lights. With one click.

Cloud recording can use up a lot of a person’s bandwidth, particularly when we have multiple Cam Plus subscriptions. Also, some people can’t afford Cam Plus on every cam.

It would be very useful to be able to set schedules and rules for when to turn on Cam Plus and when to turn it off on a particular cam.

For example, maybe if I work from home, I don’t want a dozen video streams bogging down my router and bandwidth which I critically need for work, so during those hours it is scheduled to be off on most of my cams (maybe just leave it active on the doorbell cam though). Then when I leave the house (Status set as away, or triggered by a sensor in the garage or future geofencing or whatever), it turns Cam Plus and alerts back on.

Slightly along the same lines, we could tell it to use one cam during business hours, and switch to a different cam after business hours (or during sleep times), instead of having to manually make the switch every time (this will not negatively impact Wyze since only 1 device at a time will be using cloud processing).

This would all be an awesome addition to your new automated security system.

If you add Cam Plus On and Cam Plus Off as a rule, we can figure out the rest ourselves and you’d really be revolutionizing the industry with such flexibility.