Add More Actions for Wyze Rules

Having separate switchable detection zones would be a whole other feature request. But I’ll add detection zone on/off to the list here.

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There is a Roadmap for that. Go Vote!


Rick, request new action to add! Sync time for all cameras.


I worry about the longevity of the pan motor due to constant panning when I am away. Being able to turn pan on upon motion or sound detection (or both) would save wear and tear on the motor. Actually, this would apply not only to shortcuts, but use in general. I thought of it when setting up an “Away” shortcut (I will use it as a security device - Camera will off when home).


This, for me, is the number one improvement I’d like to see right now. It would cut down dramatically the amount of time and hassle I spend activating and deactivating certain features on my cams every time I leave or return home. Mostly it’s being able to turn on\off the pan scan, motion tracking and sound detection features. Being able to set them to activate on my automated schedule while I’m at work at night would help me keep an eye on my elderly mother. I have to disable the sound alerts until after she’s in bed or else I get tons of false alerts. I’m often either too busy at work or just forget to manually go into app to reactivate sound alerts so I can be alerted to smoke\CO alarms going off. I know that there are separate alarm settings for smoke\CO alarms, but I have tested this multiple times by manually activating my smoke alarms and I get no notifications from my V2 cam.


You may also be interested in using profiles. Saved configurations that can be loaded as needed. Check this out and consider voting.


Update all thumbnails. I know there is a roadmap for that, but it seems that might be more of an action.

Just visualizing a path Wyze could follow IF they had loadable profiles of settings, anything that simply changes the state of the setting would be updated via loading the users preferred profiles and anything requiring an action would be, well an action. Three of the existing actions (Turn on/off camera, Turn on/off camera and Turn on/off notifications (per camera and globally)), are changing settings. Two (Upload a short video to the cloud and Restart the camera) are what I would consider actions.

The addition “actions” in this roadmap can easily be recognized as profile settings vs. actions.

Turn on/off sound detection (**profile**)
Change motion/sound detection sensitivity 0-100 (**profile**)
Delete all alert clips for camera (**action**)
Turn Pan Scan on/off (**profile**)
Turn Motion Tracking on/off (**profile**)
Night vision on/off/auto (**profile**)
Detection zone on/off (**profile**)
Save a still image (**action**)
Sync camera time (any or all) (**action**)

It would be great if an active short-cut would be highlighted in the app. Currently, touching a short-cut to activate it causes it to blink a few times, but then it looks just like any other short-cut.

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I think having certain actions based on location of the user would be really helpful… similar with Reminder… location. So user is out of the house (area), turn on/off certain actions/notifications.

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Why hasn’t Sound Detection On/Off added to scheduled events? Like what you can do with motion?
I would like the sound to detect when I’m gone and not when I’m at home. I have to physically go into turn off sound detection but I can schedule motion? Weird.


Would it be possible to configure a shortcut to set the camera to a certain angle with the push of a button? I know there is an option to reset the camera, but would it be possible to be able to tell the camera where to move with a shortcut? We could even use the pre-existing pan-scan shortcuts.

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For the camera in our toddler’s room, we would like to be able to schedule the sensitivity to go up after a set time, like after he normally falls asleep and to go back down again after he normally wakes up in the morning. Sometimes the cat sleeps in his window or under his bed and wakes him up if he gets locked in. if the sensitivity can be scheduled to go up we could possibly be alerted before the our cat wakes him.

@kidwelsh: I merged your request here. One of the requested actions at the top of this topic is to adjust detection sensitivity. Since shortcuts can be scheduled, this would accomplish your request.

Please scroll up to the top of this page and click the VOTE button.

You might also find having stored profiles with sensitivity settings and detection zones helpful, especially if they can be scheduled.

This would be a nice feature in that you could toggle whether or not to store video on the SD card.

The reason I turn off the Local Recording to SD Card is that I don’t need video being captured while at home. I currently use a shortcut to arm the Wyze Pan Cam while I’m out and about and with this feature enabled as a shortcut action it would then begin to capture video to the local SD card.

Likewise, upon home arrival I could disarm the Wyse Pan Cam and turn off Local Recording to SD Card. Having this feature would save having to navigate though a couple of screens to enable or disable Local Recording.

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Any ways or any plans to allow for grouping cameras to allow a single short cut to initiate the function? Not an issue now. Only two cams. 7 shortcuts set up. With more cams and more shortcuts the process might becomes inconvenient.


Submitting this as a feature request (unless this already exists but I don’t believe so). I use the Wyze cams in our office to watch the doors after hours. I currently have them set to record events only but I’ve found that the entire event isn’t always captured (in particular at the beginning of the event). So I’d prefer to turn on continuous recording. However, I don’t want to be recording people all day long, during the work day, and instead only need continuous recording after hours, between 6pm and 8am the next day. You can schedule the cloud recording times for events. Can you extend scheduling to the continuous recording, too?

BTW I have adjusted the advanced settings to “Record Events Only” in the “Local Recording to micro SD card” but that doesn’t follow the Event Recording Schedule I have set elsewhere in the settings and instead is just recording motion events all day long.



You should be able to create a shortcut to turn the camera off/on at a scheduled time, thus not continuously recording.

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It will be awesome if you can schedule your continous recording, only continuous record from time A to time B of a day. That would save room on your SD card and stop wasting storage for useless recording.

Please add the action: Event Recording>Schedule>;ALL DAY ON and ALL DAY Off.

This will allow shortcut or IFTTT action when leaving home to automatically set detections on and then off again when returning home via IFTTT geolocation.

Whenever I leave home, I push the switch to turn ALL DAY detection on. When I return home, I push that switch to return to detection at the regular schedule times I have set. This switch is buried many layers deep and is a pain to get to. A shortcut would be fine. I also noticed IFTTT allows for an action on geolocation which would be great: flip the ALL DAY on when my phone detects I am no longer at home and flip the ALL DAY off when the phone detects that I am home.

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