"Add Home" greyed out on App in the Add Devices area. Why is this? What is Add Home? Multiple Homes?

On the latest version of the App on iOS 2.25.21 in the part where you can add devices, there is an option called “Add Home” but it is greyed out.

What is “Add Home”? Can I have two separate homes? Like my office and the house? (which I have by the way.)

And how can I add that second home since it’s greyed out?

I just added Home Monitoring to one of my locations, and maybe that’s what added the “Add Home” option? I am not sure. But it seems like it’s a separate thing from Home Monitoring.



Currently you can only have one home. The Add Home may be disabled because you already setup a Home. I have Android and iOS and on both the Add Home is disabled as well. I already setup a Home, so never gave oit much thought.


Ahh… that’s a bummer! For a second I was excited thinking that they’d added that feature, or we’re about to.

Thanks for the reply.

I’ll probably need to add it to the wish list.


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I think there is already one. At least I read that this is a request and believe Wyze is looking into or working on it. Here is the Wishlist link


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