Add features to the Wyze Mesh Router and Router Pro

The best Mesh Routers available have a Dedicated Wireless Backhaul channel that is used only for the satellite towers to communicate with each other and with the base router. WYZE router should have this capability to compete against the competitors. The performance is greatly improved with the wireless dedicated backhaul.

Any idea if my google home nest devices have that dedicated wireless backhaul? I doubt it, because they are all connected via wire for their backhaul in one house. The other houses just use them as a mesh – one main, and 2 satellites – and have no idea if they have a wireless back haul.

You only need wireless back haul if you don’t have a wired connection.

WYZE Mesh Pro x3, 75 devices, 1Gbps Internet, WYZE fanboy :wink:

My top requests in order:

  1. Add data usage / bandwidth tracking and reporting.
    • This is vital when dealing with your ISP. I’d bet a lot of us are paying for the top tier service and mine consistently drops below the 1 Gbps I’m paying for.
  2. Use device name (DSN support?) in device list instead of the MAC.
    • The Google Mesh I’m replacing at least allowed me to add friendly names so that would be an option I’d be OK with since I already track the MAC addresses, but I’d bet most people would want this to be automatic, especially with our WYZE devices.
      3a. Forcing a device to connect to a specific router
      3b. List of devices by router.
    • TBH, this would just be really cool, but not really that useful without the other item of forcing a device to connect to a specific router and very cumbersome with out device names.
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