Add Exposure and focus point/area, and brightness and contrast level controls

Camera bloom control

I’d really like to see better “bloom” control on the cameras. That’s when bright lights suddenly appear, be they headlights, fireworks, lightning, etc. That’s when the maximum level of brightness in a particular spot goes totally white and loses all detail.

Pick the dark or the bright area to focus to detect the movement

I have cam-v3 facing my backyard to capture animals passing by; however, nothing gets detected when the area next to the shed is in the shade. It would be nice to be able to pick the area to be in focus (the darkest or the brightest in the scene) to ensure capturing the movement in the selected area. I would not mind sacrificing other area that gets over-exposed or under-exposed due to this feature.

This is my issue as well, would like to see the addition of Brightness/Exposure controls

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Adjusting camera exposure on a target area of the image

An enhancement feature could be to have the camera auto-exposure ajustment made on a specific area of the screen, instead of the entire image.
As an example, I have a camera pointing to my driveway but the trees, walls and other dark objects occupying a good portion of the whole image are making the “zone of interest”, at the end of my driveway, to be too light, making it difficult to distinguish anything in that area, especially during sunny days.

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Request for contrast and brightness controls

See attached photo of why the ability to adjust the contrast and brightness is needed :crazy_face:
The wall is about 100ft away. BTW there is a window (faint image below of a/c unit) plus a door next to it painted green in that image!
blown out


This is my view where I can’t see much at the end of my driveway


Your white cars and a black car are washed out too.


An exposure setting has LONG been on my wish list. I have 6 cameras, and every single one of them over exposes part of the image. HDR, or WDR, probably isn’t possible, but that would be an awesome upgrade.

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Revisiting this in 2023 as it’s been a while. I feel this should still be a thing. An exposure lock so if your camera is inside and looking out, I can change the exposure to see outside on a sunny day, not what’s going on inside.

That would be nice if this is picked up!!

Please please please add some type of exposure control or exposure compensation. I have V3, OG, and the v3 pro. Highlights are blown on all 3 cameras when mixed shade and light areas, exceptionally poor on the V3 pro. That shouldn’t be for a camera that’s supposed to be better. Please add this option!

Glad to see I’m not the first to request this much needed function. Sad to see the thread started almost 5 years ago and this is still a “maybe later”.

This is the way.

Hello Iuse my wyze cam v3 for monitoring my manufacturing equipment like laser engravers, and 3d printers.
I like the wyze camera, however I could ask for a few differences.

So here is my “wish”

The ability to focus on objects near or far, and lock that focus.
The ability to adjust zoom that doesn’t end up blurry or pixelated. Even a physical optics based zoom would be fine.
The ability to adjust exposure. Many of my 3d printers have LED’s to illuminate the print. This blinds the camera in that area. Making it impossible to see the print itself .
Offer a endoscope version.

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I just deployed the Telephoto OG camera. I live at the top of my cul de sac so I can image any vehicle plate as it leaves the area. Unfortunately, plates are overexposed to pure white at nighttime. Would love to have a daytime exposure bias and nighttime exposure bias setting to compensate. I also have a telephoto OG pointing at a public walkway that’s illuminated at night, but the long shutter speed used by the camera makes identification impossible. An exposure bias setting that adjusts the shutter speed would resolve this. Also, a colour balance control would be very helpful to rebalance video colour-shifted due to city lighting. A public walkway beside our house has an LED fixture on it that appears very green in the Wyze cam video, which undermines the ability to get a description of people’s clothing colours.

Glad to see I’m not the only person looking for this to be addressed. A few times each day my doorbell, V3s and V2s get nearly useless with the overexposing


Shutter Sync for Flicker-Free video with other IR sources

We are using our Wyze Cam v3 along with another baby monitor (it does more in depth sleep tracking but has no playback). The problem is that autoexposure will pick a shutter speed for exposure that isn’t a flicker-free shutter speed to the IR light on the other camera, so the image flickers horribly. Similar issues would happen with using some IR flood lights for something like backyard illumination.

It would be great if the advanced image settings let you manually specify a shutter speed so that different IR cameras could use the same IR light source as cameras with different framerates. Even if it was just a slider between 1-30fps for selecting compatible flicker-free shutter speeds for both cameras.

For a good primer on what shutter sync is:
2 Min Tips What Causes Light Flicker In Video, How to Fix it + Shutter Speed - YouTube

And you can find a calculator here for examples of finding flicker safe shutter speeds.

Flicker Free Video (

WOW, 5 years and this still has not been addressed or fixed by Wyze. I know there is an adjustable exposure or aperture in the cameras because you can come back to the camera a number of times and each time the exposure levels will be different. I’m no coder or computer whiz but how hard can it be to add a couple lines of code allowing manual manipulation of the exposure?? IE: F1:8 instead of F1:24 or what ever? Guess I’ll be moving along to another camera system, 5 years is more than enough time to get it done I would think.

my name is Angella. I understand that you would like to change the contrast in your Wyze Cam Outdoor. It is not available. Please update firmware to add contrast.

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It’s been nearly 5 years. This is not going to happen.

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