Add Disable cam siren feature to App

I do not want the siren!!!

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ditto. also really want to permanently disable the siren for now. been reading here in the forum about sirens randomly going off even if no rule was set up. really disconcerting to read about.

just a while ago tonight, when doing a quick looksee at the cams at our other house, saw a note pop up in the wyze app on one my v3 cams with a spotlight that asked to start a siren tutorial. wtf? siren tutorial??? nope. don’t want to click any siren tutorial. so this prompted me to visit the forum here to see recent discussions about this siren nonsense. ugh. me have wyze cams at two houses and my concern is sirens somehow going off in the middle of the night at the other house where i’m not at and my getting a call about that and requiring me to drive late at night to get to the other house to shut it off by unplugging the cams. geez, this is making me think that now need to buy wifi plugs to put on all my cams to kill the cams in case this happens. argh.


PanV3 siren to easy to turn on accidentally

I use the “Privacy Mode” icon frequently on my new PANv3. It’s right next to the “Siren” icon and it’s only a matter of time before I accidentally activate the siren near the baby. I really don’t want this to happen. Wish there was a way I could LOCK THE SIREN OFF.

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Here is a TearDown video of a v3. Should be easy to remove the siren or clip the wire if you are comfortable enough taking the camera apart.


I had the above video bookmarked because I have v3 cameras. Looks like the OP has Pan v3. Here is the TearDown video for the Pan v3.

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Bumping an older thread, but disappointed this is still an issue.

We use the Wyze Cam Pan v3 as a baby monitor. We recently accidentally turned the siren on in the app and woke up the kiddo. Really frustrating, and makes me really wish there was a way to permanently disable the siren feature.

The disassembly for Pan v3 looks complicated. I may switch to a different option if I don’t find a different solution.

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Like some other users mentioned above, we are using our WYZE Cam OG as a baby monitor.

In the app, the button that triggers the siren is annoyingly close to other buttons–so it’s very easy to accidentally hit it. Setting off a siren from a camera you’re using to monitor a sleeping baby is… not ideal.

Would LOVE a way to completely disable the siren on a camera or, at minimum, remove/“gray out” that “Siren” button in the app.


Agree completely with others who use it as a baby monitor. The siren button is right next to the record video button! It would be SO easy to turn the siren on in the middle of the night and wake the baby. I can’t imagine a situation where I would ever want to use the siren. I would really love a way to disable it, otherwise I’ll probably look for another option and recommend my friends with babies look elsewhere as well.

I have the same problem

As you show on your website as a use case for your products (Baby Monitoring – Wyze Labs, Inc.) we use our camera exclusively as a baby monitor. So under no circumstances would we want the spotlight or siren to be activated. Both have been activated by accident within the first week of ownership. My wife wants to return the camera.

How are you activating the siren or spotlight? Rules? Manually?

Manually. As described above, the button that triggers the siren is RIGHT NEXT TO other buttons that would be used. It’s easy to trigger the siren by mistake.

I know. You stayed how you are activating the siren in your reply above. My recent question was to a different user that did not specify how they were enabling their spotlight and or siren in their post.

They’re being activated by accidentally hitting the top-level buttons for them, not through rules. You leave your phone open on the feed a lot when you use the camera as a baby monitor, which means you’re always one accidental press away from a spotlight or siren. This is why I would like the option to remove those top-level buttons.
To clarify: the spotlight button is overlayed on top of the feed and the siren button is right below it.

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Please at least move the Siren bytton. It is to close to the side of the screen when you hold your phone.
If it is knocked the kids wake up screaming…
Please move the button or have the option to disable the button completely.

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absolutely not!
siren button must stay!
learn to hold your phone!
furthemore there is no siren button easily accessible on v3 full screen mode so put it there.
this thread looks like one person coordinated effort to spoil app, this ridicolous request must be ignored.
next time read what you are buying, this is not baby camera but monitoring camera!
also in future products make camera siren bigger and louder!

FYI, please note that the people in this thread are asking for an OPTION to disable it, not asking Wyze to disable it for everyone who wants it to stay where it is.

Therefore, those of us who like having it there would still have it, and those who don’t want it could toggle it off in the settings. Everyone wins in that way.


no need for this, it will further complicate app and create risk for more bugs

and i ask to have siren button on v3 full screen mode.
so i do not have to switch modes when i want activate siren

Where’s the downvote button…