Add CamPlus subscription at checkout in app on Iphone?

I’ve got a CamPanv3, the 20’ extension wire, and a socket adapter in my cart. As I proceed to checkout I want to add the CamPlus subscription so all is done in one purchase. Is this possible? I don’t see the price or the option to add the subscription now. Argghhh!

Hightly suggest NOT buying CamPlus via the app. That results in the purchase going through Google or Apple which means that there is an impossible finger pointing exercise of blame if anything goes wrong.
Buy CamPlus via the Wyze website only.

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Thank you.

Don’t do it, save your money, just get an inexpensive SD card (32 or 64gb $10-15) and you’ll have more storage then you’ll ever need.

There are advantages to CamPlus and there are advantages to having a uSD card in your cameras. Personally I have uSD cards installed in all of my Wyze cameras that are set to continuous recording.