Add a loud Siren (also integrated with HMS)

Why are you not working on a siren???

I believe you have seen more than enough Wyze customers requesting this product addition.

Maybe someone should review your product development priorities.


This would be essential! :blush:

If this capability was added to HMS and the CO2/Fire alarm monitoring, I might sign up!

I wanted to use a V3 Pro on my front porch to scare off cats, dogs, possums, and skunks after dark.
The lights from cars coming into the neighborhood at night triggered it, so I had to turn off the siren on the V3 Pro and just use the spotlight. The spotlight does not even bother the animals though, but it enhances the videos. The V3 Pro on the back porch works as advertised though, when they go into the detection zone, they get hit with the spotlight AND siren for 30 seconds.
I was thinking of just using a Wyze Motion Detector V1 (have lots of them), and putting it on the front porch and let it detect motion at night. I could then install this cheap siren/strobe light from amazon using a Wyze Plug (indoor or outdoor):

This way I could create a rule to turn on the Wyze plug to engage the siren if it detects motion between the hours of 8:00 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. Once motion clears, I could turn off the Wyze plug via another rule.

Nov.2023 and still no siren??? What is so hard about getting a loud siren?? That little hub alarm is a joke!

Short version: It’s not a camera, that’s why.

Wyze had overwhelming complaints that they were producing too many things that weren’t cameras, and the largest and most vocal user base demanded they stop producing things outside their specialty as users felt it was distracting them and taking away from their quality in their specialty. Wyze listened. 11 months ago, the Wyze leadership declared that 2023 would be “the year of the camera” where they would go back to their roots and focus on cameras and the app. They also listened to users asking them to cut down on non-camera products and cancelled many of the non-camera projects they had in R&D, including this separate loud siren.

So, while there are still many of us, including me who wishes Wyze would go back to producing this product and others, it is very unlikely because there are apparently a lot more people who criticize and complain any time they launch anything that’s not a camera. :man_shrugging:

Personally, I don’t get it. If you only want cameras, then just buy those. Wyze can keep their camera teams at 100% capacity while adding new jobs for new products. New launches don’t have to affect anything … But people THINK it does.

Point is, don’t expect this to happen, maybe ever. There are workarounds. Wyze has added a siren to every camera, so you can use cameras as extra sirens now. You can also buy any 3rd party siren and connect it through a Wyze Plug that turns on with rules. That’s what a lot of people do right now.

While this is going to fall on mostly deaf ears… I missed the whole debate on this…as I got numerous Wyze stuff and it sat for about a year… I pretty much have a life/work that doesn’t revolve around these… Anyway…

I would AGREE that things like:

earbuds, headphones, a scale??? vacuums, air purifiers… are well HWITW???

Cameras, tie into home automation, security

So a lock… and this was the trigger here for me… door lock issues, coupled with the ring garbage pushing my last button it not making a ding dong, etc… So I go… hmmm…I’ve got the doorbell camera thats been sitting… lets get a lock from them… OK… done… .I also had gotten the garage door controller as well as it was another area of issues… a means to know its down/up, automatically close at x if its open… etc… Again this is stuff that had sat…

I’d reviewed many things for these things… and wyze had pros cons, just like others cough ring cough…not going to get into those here…

Any way for this “vocal” majority… some of this I get, listed above… other things… WELP I AM GOING TO BE JUST A VOCIFEROUS AND TELL YOU FLAT OUT YOU ARE WRONG!

Thermostats w/remote sensors

Security System with sensors (more than what we’ve got!, cough CO, SMOKE, GLASS!)

Sprinkler controller

AC Plugs - These were some what the gateway, I was not installing manual timers. So I either found CURRENT stuff or I go back to X10 stuff, which I used all over my house in the 80-90’s…I got the plugs on deals to run the Xmas stuff… and the lights I wanted to come on and off…


Cameras with floodlights

Doorbell cameras - Although I think the V2 on this is 3 steps backwards… I get it some of you may have an existing chime you want to use… I get that, I don’t have not had that in 15 YEARS… I need chimes in other rooms so people can hear them… AND the chimes need a AI Dog Mode (Thats all I am saying you want more, get out the checkbook! Here is the ONE PLACE AI could be used and if done right would be a something ring, blink/blank? doesn’t have! Ie: PAYING CUSTOMERS!)

ALL THESE TIE IN TOGETHER… scales, headphones, gun safe?? REALLY? NOPE.

So lets get back on track, and again I realize that 99.999% of wyze fail to understand the concept of this site… I know exactly why its around… trust me I know all too well the purpose for this site… and this is a GROSS MISTAKE in every definition of gross there is!

So I am on a binge to clean out the store to get the stuff I need… to fulfill my needs…

Honestly, and I posted this in another thread…


Other than 5Ghz which seems to be an a no go, although the new doorbell got it?
Powering options - ie: solar V3? OK… I could see that…

Honestly what else??? Unless you are going to give me lasers, missiles etc., I am not sure what more you can do on this… Lasers etc. let me know! HERE TAKE MY $$$$! :slight_smile:

These have to come at the expense of thermostats, improvements in the rules and skills of the various items to work together?

Again, not that this will reach any one at wyze that can make the course corrections here… but dumping the thermostats, plugs, security systems, locks etc… is the WRONG MOVE!

DUMPING scales, gun safe, headphones, cars, air purifiers, vacuums… sure dump them! I’d agree here why in the world would these even come up???

So ditch all that junk, hold the fire sale in the shop on all that…

Dust off the SIREN PLANS, and the thermostat, sensors, etc. plans get them forward to CN and turn on the production!

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I like a lot of what you said here. I wish more people would tell them the same thing so they don’t think it is just me. I tell them fairly regularly that I think they’re making some big mistakes switching to a just-cameras business model. I think they will come to regret it in the long run. I’m hoping they change their mind before it gets too bad.

Totally agree. I very much enjoyed your rant. Honestly, it wasn’t cameras that brought me to Wyze, it was other stuff, and then I looked at their cameras and joined in more that way. The other stuff worked as a funnel to get me to stay and buy more stuff. If they get rid of that, they will stop finding new people like me. Also, for people like me, when we want to expand our smart home, but Wyze doesn’t offer critical smart home devices we need, we’ll have to go somewhere else, and then if that place offers other stuff we need to, then those people will find it easier to just stay and keep lots of their stuff in the same place instead of scattered, so Wyze will start losing their business, even for new cameras, because it makes more sense to get cameras that work with their other smart devices, automations, triggers, etc too. I think their recent camera-only mentality is going to backfire badly in the long term.
And I am saying this as one of the biggest Wyze Fan-boys that exist. I have over 40 Wyze cameras and well over 300 total Wyze devices (I stopped counting after I hit 300). I have spent thousands of dollars on Wyze stuff. And I’m one of their volunteers here in the forums and on Discord. I’m not a hater by ANY stretch. I have always loved and supported Wyze, but I don’t lie either. I think they’re making mistakes with this for their long-term viability. I hope they prove me wrong, but I suspect they will just eventually see that I am right and go back to expanding core smart home things after they take a hard hit of reality. Only time will tell. I want them to succeed. I’ll keep telling them [respectfully] when I see something that I strongly disagree with, such as this.

Thanks for chiming in. I do know that some employees look through the forum threads sometimes, particularly the wishlist areas like this, so there is a reasonable chance your feedback will get seen, even if not directly responded to.

I completely agree!
It seems like all, or at least most, of those complaining and saying Wyze should stick with Cameras do not actually mean that. I think what people really want is more stability with the products they own before a new product is released.
Stability is very important to retain customers. I also have invested in a very large number of cameras and other devices that I use daily. I own more than one of every camera model, ear buds and speakers, tons of their lights and lamp, the RC car from April Fools that I still use with the kids, night lights, lots of sensors on doors and windows, and hallways and under sinks, motion sensors in hallways, the garage door camera and a sensor mounted on the garage door, floodlights, doorbell camera, locks, bath scales, the robot vac, etc etc.
I have practically everything and I started with Wyze when it was a new $20 camera only. It really was not worth more than $20 at that time but I held onto it and tested it out every few months while researching other solutions until the day they updated the firmware enough to resolve obvious issues and make it a real bargain.
Then I started getting more and more and bringing in lots of customers without any referral bonus.
But this last year being named the year of the camera and just going silent or greatly delaying other big projects like the NAS through the Router USB and then one of the new products announced being an existing camera in a new color… I am really starting to worry that they are going backwards and could lose big!
The camera and other devices at a low price compared to competition with a way to connect devices and rules and actions was what brought me in. The continued improvements and big fixes and a focus on listening to the customers was what kept me.
But this last year has lost a big amount of transparency and shown a very small and short sighted vision of their future. If 2023 was the year of the camera what is 2024? The problem is not that they added new product types to the portfolio but it was so rapid and with minimal and very delayed firmware updates to address reported options.
I’m rooting for you Wyze! I still wear the tshirts and still recommend your products and would love to keep it that way well beyond 2024!

I asked this in the latest AMA. Basically, they said 2024 will probably be “The Year of AI.”

Here is another related response…My question:


Hopefully, their vision works out for them. I personally loved how they were doing in 2022. It was exciting. I kind of wish they’d go back to that era. But maybe they need to stabilize some things first. Time will tell.

Thanks for those details! And I hope the Wyze team is really thinking about this.
I think the biggest thing they could better is to have more transparency on goals, timelines and progress towards those. This would improve customer satisfaction and expectations and honestly help Wyze be a stand out from the crowd company.

As for the last note from Dave - I beg to disagree.
What is the difference of “letting them go EOL” vs “stopped supporting” products? The robot vacuum is still supported? Even without new firmware coming for it (except critical security vulnerability patches)?

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Also it will be real competitive to add a feature of custom siren tones instead of the only builtin one


When is this custom siren tone going to be added? Almost other brands have it, shouldn’t be real hard. Thanks.

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Remote Hub Alarm

I monitor both my main home and a shop building on my property with one hub. The hub is in the house. If someone walks into my shop when the alarm is active the hub will sound in the main house but not be heard in the shop. I would like to have a device which does nothing but alarm in the shop when the main hub in the house alarms. This would scare off intruders and warn me if I forget the shop of armed.

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