Add a loud Siren (also integrated with HMS)

Why hasn’t this happened already? Of all the DIY alarms on the market - WYZE does has worked flawless connecting all of the sensors throughout our old home with plaster and lathe walls. Problem is the siren from the hub cannot be heard throughout the home some remote sirens or doorbell speakers that have a double duty to act as siren with the WYZE alarm would be appreciated. This should have been available since day 1!

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Per AMAs and wishlist status changes, This was in progress toward the end of last year but got postponed, presumably because Wyze committed to make this the year of the camera. I expect they’ll reconsider this for 2024, but we’ll have to see.

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A loud siren would be nice but what would be even better would be the ability to group multiple sense hubs together and have them all under once home monitoring account!

Hello, I work on the Home Monitoring Service (HMS). In short-term, we are not planning to release a dedicated siren or speaker for the monitoring system.

However, with the newly launched HMS x Rules integration. You can use supported Wyze Cams to play the “speaker” roles. You may also hook up a siren at your choice to the Wyze Plug.

To learn more, please check out here: Wyze Home Monitoring Can Now Trigger Rules


Thank-you for your response,

This is a bit disappointing. I am aware I can hack something together with a wyze plug but in the end that becomes a weak link in the system. At this point, I am just going to uninstall the system and get something with a more robust product offering. WYZE has a lot of potential with their products, but then it seems like WYZE stunts their products from being great or class leading.


Another good product from wyze, that needs some improvements, seemingly being orphaned. How difficult can it be to make any additional remote speaker for the hub?


Totally agree splatmatt. The idea of “HOME SECURITY” with a burping bird as a siren is laughable.

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I think they have many solutions now, resolving the issue with the siren on the Hub. You have the cameras, you have the doorbell, you have the wize plug. I personally was waiting for the integration of the Wize plug, since its a actual product they sell. im able to use any siren, literally. How much sirens you want, its up to your imagination. i prefer hardwired sirens hands down, than a wireless siren unit.

??? We need a siren we can hear when the alarm is triggered. Hacking a siren using a WYZE plug is not a great solution, but sloppy. Why make a home alarm system with no ability to deter an intruder? RING and Simplisafe (which are direct competitors to WYZE) both have options for this, not sure why anyone would defend WYZE’s stance on not making add-on sirens that directly integrate with WYZE Home Monitoring alarm hub.

wyze plug is not sloppy, it was more of a no brainer and they took to long to do it.

its just that they haven’t done exactly what you would like to see in this HMS.

like i mentioned, many add ons that will trigger a siren on actual wize products. you can add on Camera with integrated siren, you can add Doorbell with integrated siren and WIze plug you can connect with any Siren. I have a honeywell siren used in commercial alarm systems and very load. i have also added a strobe light like the commercial alarms setups. This honeywell siren will wake up any neighbor.

The awesome thing about these addons is that they are not just sirens. has other uses for the same price. at least that’s my opinion. your entitle to have yours as well.

OK fine link the siren that is 120v - or do you need a transformer too? If I need to wire a transformer to the siren and then plug that wall wart to a WYZE plug → that is sloppy and BTW this solution is not hardwired. As the WYZE plug is activated wirelessly and has a trigger delay because it processed on a remote server. When a motion sensor or contact switch is triggered it occurs within in the Home monitoring hub to trigger the alarm sound. Whereas to trigger a hacked in siren to a wyze plug requires communication to a server outside of the INTRAnet (LAN) and then returning an action to the plug. So that adds a lot of variables for that can reduce reliability.

This is not sloppy, you barely can see a cable and i have concrete walls. The wize plug and 12v adapter is in the outlet that i use for the electric fireplace.

USA mainland houses are mostly drywall, so much much easier to hide cables.

Again, i prefer hardwired. Wireless for me is a joke. But thats my preference, i dont expect for all to agree. The only thing im pointing out is that you have other options that wize have now to add-on additional sirens.

I dont present no delay using my hardwire siren with the wyze HMS. As soon as HMS turns alarm on the rules automatically turns the wyze plug used for the siren and strobe. When i disarm the alarm using my code, the HMS stop and my wize plug connected to the siren and probe, stops immediately.

I see many advantages on my actual setup, than going with other brands like you mention or even commercial brands that are not DIY systems like this ones.

Nevermind your solution will not work for my use case. Your wyze plug IS wireless by trigger so NOT hardwired. When I say it is "sloppy or “hack” I am referring to implementation. IF WYZE simply just made a siren that plugged directly into an outlet and was paired directly to the Home monitoring hub that would be a “clean” solution and would NOT need to be triggered by a server outside of the home.

If your router connection to the wyze plug fails then the connected hacked in siren may not trigger. Or if your ISP service is interrupted your WYZE plug won’t trigger the hacked in siren. Because the WYZE plug receives instruction from a WYZE server outside of your home. Two scenarios that DO happen that can reduce reliability. Now what if the WYZE server goes down? Again the WYZE plug with the hacked in siren won’t trigger. What if the rules created glitch again - no workie. More variables added more problems can occur.

So bullet point how superior your system is to a system that reduces variables by allowing sirens and tripped sensors to occur even when some aspect of the network is down? RING and Simplisafe still work with no internet and power disabled.

We are talking about sirens add-ons. You bringing other subjects not related to this and it looks like you just looking to hammer wyze on anything at this point.

With all of the things you said, if it so critical, then why your still here? This is why we have many DIY systems in the market. Each one has something different and customer choose what is best for their actual needs and budget.

There’re many ways to resolve everything that you say wyze is lacking personally, but cost $$$. Your expectations are too high and should be looking other brands or wait if wyze comes up with an upgraded version in the future of the HMS.

This subject is like 2 years old or close too. And most of us wanted at least to be able to integrate actual wize products to the HMS rules and we finally got what we wanted (very late, but we got it). To have a wireless siren add on to this system, yeah, i see it happening in the near future. It will make it easy for people to install with no knowledge on this things.

But my point is that wyze has options right now to solve the siren issue (and very easy ones), while eventually they do sell the wireless addon, if they ever decide to sell one.

My point is the wyze plug siren hack is not a reliable solution and WYZE could easily make a solid option that people want that would undercut their competitors. Whatever when you can’t deliver points you attack me. Like I said, your hack works for you, but not for my use case. Not responding anymore have a good day

Also be great for wise to offer a large siren you can mount outside with maybe red and blue lights

An item which I see valuable, is a siren which can be installed outdoor or indoor. This also I see essential for a security system.
Hope somebody is reading all these and maybe will be added on the next product development list.

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Add a

Solar option. I have 7 fenced acres and like to integrate on various areas of prooerty.

Solar option to power an external siren or a cam?

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Alarm for bedroom or outside front door

since the cameras don’t alarm (a notification won’t wake me) I want to install a movement sensor under my porch by the front door that I can have connected to an alarm pod in my bedroom and set it up to send alarm between 11 pm and 6 am (the times I have been getting intruders trying to break into my car, trailer and even trying the front door

Even have the ability to send a camera notification after hours to alarm if a person is detected in the zone at night

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