Add a loud Siren (also integrated with HMS)

Yes. The Honeywell siren will have the wiring diagram and instructions to connect it to the terminal adapter that comes with the power adapter.

Edit the rule you already created to turn on your cam sirens and add the plug to turn on as an action.

But, you will need to then use the same process to create a second rule to trigger on “Cancels an Alarm” and action the plug to turn off.

Unlike the cam sirens that will time out and stop on their own, the Wyze Plug will not and the siren will stay on until you turn the plug off (unless you use the turn on for x min action)

Smart Plugs are great to do remote power cycles, but for the purpose of the HMS triggering the OG Siren, it isn’t necessary. The OG Cam remain powered 24\7.

Honestly, if the decibels of the two are equivalent, I wouldn’t have guessed it. The Honeywell is a wake the dead shreaking demon! Perhaps it is due to the tone pitch.

SlabSlayer, are you saying that if I were to use an extra OG Camera that I have for a Siren, the alarm will turn off from key pad?? However, if we use a Honeywell Wave 2 Siren, which I also have, and use it with the Smart Plug, the key pad will not turn it off?? I had a Honeywell Siren with my Brink’s Security and it is very loud. Thanks for all your help.

One more question. The key pad doesn’t turn off the camera siren, it just times out. Is this correct? Also, does this mean the key pad will not turn off the Honeywell Siren/Smart Plug? Sorry for asking a lot of questions, but I really want to understand this. Thanks

Wyze Cam Sirens have a time out feature. Once activated, they only sound for 30s and then they stop on their own until activated again. Therefore, there is really no reason to have a rule to shut them off.

With the Honeywell plugged into the Wyze Plug it is different. The plug has no time out feature once turned on unless you use the action in the rule labeled “turn on for …” which will time it for the specified period then turn it off.

If you use the “Turn on” command for the plug, it will siren until it is shut off. As I indicated above, mine went off for 5 hours before discovered.

I use another “Alarm Canceled” rule. When I cancel an alarm, that triggers the cam sirens and the Wyze Plug\Siren combo off.

The use of Wyze Cams as sirens that get triggered by an alarm have no bearing on the use of the keypad to disarm or cancel an alarm. My OG post was responding to a different user. You have to log into the forum to see the thread history. Email won’t show you the thread flow.

If you want to turn off the Cam Sirens and the Honeywell siren when the alarm is cancelled, you need a second rule.

Hi Wyze Ryan. Now that I have my V3 indoor camera sirens connected to my Home Security System, I just realized that the cameras are not really synchronized with my security system keypad. They have a timer that turns off after 30 seconds. Why is Wyze unable to synchronize the cameras or a separate siren to the keypad and my hub? Please help me understand this. John D.

This feature is provided thru Rules. That allows users the full customization they need to create simple or complex rules to control any Wyze device action from one of the available HMS Triggers. Those HMS Triggers will execute regardless of whether you use the keypad or the app to change the HMS Mode.

Wyze cams with sirens all have a 30s limit on siren activation. That is a limitation of the cam firmware, not the new rules integration or the HMS.

The synchronization tools you seek are now there and fully customizable. If you want to turn the sirens, lights, plugs, floodlights, spotlights, etc. on with an HMS trigger, it will do that. If you want to turn them off with an HMS trigger, it will do that. All you have to do is create the rule.

Thank you, SS. Nice summary. By any chance, are there also rule available during the exit/entry delay? Sometimes, it is hard to hear the Entry Delay Chime when coming into the house, and then forget the alarm is on. It would be nice to active plugs during the entry delay to provide a clear signal to not forget to turn the alarm off.



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Yes. HMS Entry Delay is a Trigger for Rules:

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That is awesome! Thanks.

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Ken63, I finally got the camera sirens to go on and off. The problem with the camera siren is that it tmes out in 30 seconds. Whereas the hub siren will stay on until you turn it off. Is this the way the camera siren works? Thank you for the great help you provide.

That is how I understand the cameras to work. I don’t have any of the V3 cameras. I just have some of the older models that are outside. I am using a loud siren plugged into a Wyze plug for my noisemaker. I didn’t sign up for the beta, so, I am just learning from y’all.

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What type of siren do you have that plugs into a wyze smart plug??? This is what I’m pursuing next.

Hi Maryann,

I purchased the below from Amazon.

I have soldering skill so I had to attach the wires from the adapter to the siren. It is easy. You can use small wire nuts, also.

I don’t know if you can find a 110volt siren that already has an adapter attached.


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Ken thank you so much for the information, I really appreciate it. Everything has been ordered including the Wyze Smart Plug. Now for my last request (hopefully!), can you please provide the steps to setting up a rule for the Wyze Plug?? I hope they are the same for setting up rules for the camera siren. Thanks again. Maryann

An update in case you didn’t see it. The 2.40 production version of the app has been released for update that contains the HMS Rules Triggers and the Multiple User PINs functionality. Be sure the Hub Firmware is updated also (required for the multi-PIN).

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Thank you Wyze, it took awhile but you did it!

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An update in case you didn’t see it. The 2.40 production version of the app has been released for update that contains the HMS Rules Triggers and the Multiple User PINs functionality. Be sure the Hub Firmware is updated also (required for the multi-PIN).

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Great, helpful posts here. Thank you.

I have another question. I am coming from abode, where the system sirens (could buy as many as you wanted) also chirped to notify you of sensors being triggered. Is there a convenient way to do this with Wyze Home Monitoring?

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With the HMS, you can set each of your Contact “Entry” Sensors individually to chime on the HMS Sense Hub when it is opened.

Beyond that, there is no way to set an audible chime or chirp.

However, each of the motion and contact sensor can be set to send a push notification when triggered. They are also integrated with Alexa as triggers so that your Alexa Devices can announce when any are triggered. I am guessing an Alexa Compatible plug in chime would offer the same functionality thru routines. Wyze does not make one of these… Yet.

Thanks so much. I found some Alexa compatible devices on Amazon, but wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing out on any easier methods. I’ll give it a try