Activity Recording lags event badly

My Wyze Outdoor Cam does capture people activity, but generally lags by 5-10 seconds so it only barely captures the person just as they leave the field of view. Is there a way to make the capture start earlier/quicker in the event?

Also, on the Android app I’m unable to zoom in on the captured video, so it’s really hard to see details or identify the person. Do I need to export the file and use a separate app to zoom in?

Nope, that is how it was designed to work. When the PIR sensor detects something, it wakes the cam, and that is when it starts recording the 12 sec clip.

The only real fix is to return the cam, and pick something else that meets your needs.

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As @EyeNsky said, that is how the cam is designed to work as far as the event clip timing. I know that We’re is working on offering the CamPus option for the WOC but it’s not yet available.
I don’t understand why you can’t Zoom on your Android device - on mine when viewing an event the standard double-tap and pinch-to-zoom techniques work.