Activating HMS remotely

I tried several times to activate my HMS system from work however all it would do was spin it never activated. Shouldn’t I be able to use the remote wherever to activate or deactivate my system?

Yep, what have you tried for troubleshooting? Force close and restart the app? Restart phone maybe also?

Here are some recommendations from the Wyze support site.

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Also you may want to try either another similar device. But also, if you have available, a device that is the opposite (meaning if you are using Android, try an IOS device and vice versa.)

Worked today. Thank you

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I’d there is a known remedy, or what you did to fix, can you share in here for others reading this that have experienced the same or similar? Thanks in advance! If it was magic, that’s cool too! :slight_smile:

The only thing I did other than force stop the app (which didn’t work) was restart my phone.

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