Accidentally waterer my lawn because Wyze app colors are confusing for colorblind user


This post applies to more than just the sprinkler controller; it’s an app-wide issue when creating schedules. Last night I finally got around to setting up a sprinkler schedule, where I wanted to water the lawn Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday. When I selected the days of the week, the icons changed color from their default state. Much to my surprise, this morning (Wednesday) the lawn and sidewalk were wet.

I showed the app to my wife and she pointed out that the icons are green (with white text) or gray (with dark ?? text), and that the days I wanted the lawn watered had icons with gray backgrounds. So because the schedule comes up with all days enabled, I was disabling the days I wanted watering to occur.

I’m some kind of red-green color blind and usually I can figure things out, but this is pushing the limits for me. It would be awesome if the person responsible for Wyze’s UX and color scheme could take a few minutes and change how the “days of the week” schedule appears in the app.


  1. Either include a summary with the schedule that spells out exactly which days are active in the schedule.
  2. Use higher contrast between selected/deselected days of the week (really fade out the de-activated days)
  3. Use check mark boxes next to the days.
  4. Underline or put a box around the days that are active.

The colorblind community would great appreciate this.

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Trust me, the Wyze color scheme is HORRIBLE even for people without any sort of color blindness. This has been pointed out a massive number of times and Wyze absolutely refuses to do anything about it.

Wherever there is green (esp. light green) on a white background (iOS here), it’s extremely difficult to read with my old eyes. Simply not enough contrast. With the green having been incorporated into Wyze’s branding, I’m guessing the ship has sailed on this green color.