Access to notifications of events

Hello eveyone !
Do you think there could be a way to access the notifications events more rapidly on my iphone ?
When I receive one, by the time I unlock my phone, open the Wyze App, go to events an look at the one that I received…it’s too late.
A package that I had received was stolen in front of my door because I could not respond quickly enough.
And when I tested the delay before I receive the notification (like when I get my car out of the garage and go) … I was long gone before Camplus notified me !!!

Can’t you click on the notification itself? If the motion event is still recording it should bring you to the camera live view, buy if the event is uploaded completely, it’ll bring you to the event clip.

Thank you for your response !

Yes I can click on the notification.

BUT when I do that, it take a long time before I can view it because I have to unlock my phone, load the app which is long and then I will be able to access events.

ALL of that take too long and I can’t react if it is a urgency !!

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If you have an Apple Watch, it can show you right away notifications with still image of the event. Or if you have Face ID enabled on your phone, clicking on the phone notification should open the video on the Wyze app directly.

Or you can place your camera where it can catch deliveries earlier. I have my camera pointed at the driveway so event recordings are triggered before they reach the door.

Thank you for your insights BUT I do not have an Apple Watch and my iPhone is still a unlocked with my finger !

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