AC turning on when not needed (thermostat)

I have installed the thermostat and it seems to be working fine except I’ve noticed once in awhile the A/C kicks on. It’s 29 degrees outside and there’s no need for that to happen.

When installing I had to make 2 adjustments (with advice from an HVAC employee)

Using the C adaptor I…
Plugged the W into W1
Plugged the C into RC

Any idea on how to fix this? Otherwise it is working great!

I need pictures of your C adapter wiring, and your furnace board, and your wyze wiring.

Speadie, thank you for the message. I am including the pictures of wiring on the thermostat, furnace and wyze. I have also included the before pictures just incase you needed them.

Thank you in advance for your assistance

The only wires that go onto the Wyze adapters terminals are the thermostat wires. All other wires need to stay on the furnace board.
Take all the wires that do not come out of this wire sheath and put them back on the furnace in the places they were originally.

My bad!. I apologize as I forgot to get back to you and say thanks for answering our call for help. Your instructions worked fine and I think things are working OK. Appreciate your willingness to help others. Again I apologize for the slow reply.

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