AC outside fan condenser won't work

I installed the WYZE thermostat, worked fine all winter, now AC won’t work. I have two sets of wires coming into the furnace with C wire adaptor. Bundle of 4 wires connected to 4 ports of C wire adaptor, plus two that go out to the relay 24v mag switch to turn on compressor. I jumped one to Y port on C adaptor, but I don’t know where to attach the other. I’ve actually tried all three remaining. One worked but sizzled when I tested to heat. The other three had problems as well. Final question, the two wires that power up the outside mag switch should connect to what two ports. G, R, W, Y. Which two. Thanks.

Post pictures, that would be much more helpful. The 2 wires from the outside condenser should not have been touched. They should stay where they were tied to before installing the Wyze thermostat. The only wires that should be moved, are the wires from the thermostat.