Ac on with heat

I have the thermostat on auto. The ac is running but will randomly start blowing hot air. I shut the system off then turn it back on and it blows cold air again. This keeps happening. The only thing I did was disconnect the g wire because wyze said to. Do I have everything hooked up correctly?

Show a picture of your old thermostat wiring. I have a feeling that your Y2 is actually a W1 wire…

Your Y2 wire is a mislabeled W1 wire.

Your wires on your old thermostat are as follows, from left to right:
O, R, Y1, Aux,G, C
Ignore the white jumper. reset your thermostat, remove it from the app and re-add it, telling it that you have the wires I posted above. It will have you put the aux wire in the W1 position. After you have set it up correctly, you may need to go to settings>advanced>swap heating and cooling if it blows hot air when you are in air conditioning mode.