AC/DC power adapter durability

What do you say about the durability of the AC/DC adapter that comes with Cam Pan?

My reason is I plan to connect the Cam Pan to a WEMO power outlet which is paired to my Google Home. In the Google Home Routines, I will set “I am leaving” to toggle the power on to this particular WEMO so the Cam Pan comes alive and start monitoring the motion after I left the house. And when I came home, “I am home” Routine will toggle off the WEMO so as to cut the power to my Cam Pan. Doing this power disruption to my Cam Pan once a day in average, will it shorten the AC adapter lifespan?

Unlikely to bother the power adapter.

If you have an uSD card installed, it MIGHT increase the possibility of corrupting the card by having the power go off during a write to th uSD card.

i have mine set up this way.

got 2 wyzecam v2 and 1 pan all connected to smart plugs and smart plugs grouped in alexa app as “Cameras”.

when i say “alexa, we’re going out” the routine will switch on that group of smart plugs, and when i say “alexa, we’re back” she cuts power to the group.

the only thing i’ve noticed (aside from alexa’s trouble understanding me, could be an accent thing) is that as i come in the front door, it triggers a motion event on the hallway camera and usually before i can review this video, the power to the device is cut from me running the “we’re back” routine.

this just results in push notifications that don’t go anywhere when you try review them.

Thanks for your insight! But if I am not confused, I thought even there is an uSD card in the cam, it will also upload the recording to AWS. I could be wrong, and am still thinking about stealing an uSD from my dashcam… And upgrade the dashcam. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I will consider putting the WEMO for a few test runs to see how this config holds up. Cam Pan’s Tracking and Tagging are innovative, but its running motor noise kind of embarrassed me when I have relatives coming and asked me why!! I just hope the motor noise could be more stealthy. When I have time, I might consider opening up the body (warranty void alert) and hopefully a few dap of elbow grease would help.

I am lost on this part “it triggers a motion event on the hallway camera and usually before i can review this video, the power to the device is cut from me running the “we’re back” routine.” Device = Echo or Cam Pan? So Amazon should add a delay feature in Routines like 10 seconds? That’s a good idea though. :slight_smile:

basically i have a cam pointed at the front door that detects motion as i enter, and begins to upload/notify me.

first thing i do when i enter is tell alexa that “we’re home” which will kill power to the cams because i don’t need them monitoring while i’m home (1br apartment).

what happens is, i get a notification that motion was detected in the hallway, and when i go to review the alert, it seems the camera power was interrupted before video upload finished.

ideally i wouldn’t get a push notification from the cam until there was a video to review, but that’s currently not what happens.

it’s not necessarily an issue with the wyzecam but i think the task sequence between motion detection > notification > upload should maybe be altered.

I see. But I hope you didn’t just open a can of worm here. In regards of video upload, video quality and file size and your ISP upload speed all matter and give different result in video playback experiences (please correct me if I am wrong). It also depends on how many IoT you have at home and the processing power (CPU) of your router. Like my 10 years old router is having a hard time to respond to all those periodic pings from many of my IoT and cam uploads at home, it has been a wreck havoc in the entire network.

My personal opinion (open) is Notification should be priority, this is a first alert to the user. If you only get the Motion Notification after the recording is uploaded and available for review, it could be 1-2 minutes later. In an emergency event like home invasion, you act first and ask later.

For a software engineer, fine-tuning the option in setting shouldn’t be harder than adding a few lines in firmware. :slight_smile:

I recently had a power supply die on one of my v2 cams… Was a few months old.