AC Condenser running in winter

Hi, I installed the Wyze Thermostat yesterday. I used the 24v Cwire adapter to my Bryant furnace. Today I notice that my AC condenser is running when the furnace is on. It’s currently 24* out and I dont think it should be running potentially costing me excessive energy. I have cut power to the AC unit so it isnt running but I know that’s not the final answer. My old thermostat used R, W, G and Y terminal (even though the Y wire was blue). Could I have transposed a wire incorrectly causing this issue?

Post a picture of the wired adapter. I suspect you removed both of the wires from the Y terminal and connected them to the adapter. Only the wire coming from the thermostat should have been removed from the control board and connected to the adapter. The other wire runs to the condenser and needs to stay on the control board.

Thanks for your input

looks good, it’s hard to tell but is the red wire in this pic wired to W or Y?

Is it constantly on with heat? I had an intermittent issue when we had heavy rain where the compressor would kick on and I would have to power down the unit for ~30 minutes to stop it and have just heat run without the compressor. I didn’t get to diagnose if it was the increased humidity, a fault due to water ingress somewhere or the Wyze. It doesn’t rain too often here (AZ) and I haven’t had the issue since, so struggling to replicate it, I am however using the C wire adapter.

Like @Ken.S already mentions, it looks like the red wire is connected to the W terminal which would explain the compressor running (W is heat). The red wire should instead be connected to the Y terminal.