About how long before RTSP is available as well as the outdoor camera?

I really just need the ability to ftp wyze images and video to my ftp server. Then it is on par with my other cams. Rtsp would allow me to view all cams at once. That’s a separate ask from me.

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I guess we will find out.

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For $20 I fiqured I’d take a chance and mount one, like others outdoors. I placed it outside my garage, under the eve. I placed black electrical tape all around the back, not to tight to still let the camera breath thru the holes but to protect it from any water on a direct hit. So far, after several months, it has worked flawlessly, better than the ones inside, no resets needed and great images. I live in NJ and the weather has so far gone down to 19 degress and still worked fine. I am however waiting for the outdoor verion. Good luck.

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They have confirmed that they will be releasing an outdoor version sometime this year, hopefully early in the year.


Your experience with using one outside successfully for several months is encouraging, I have read of others having similar success.

The Wyze cam I’m going to adapt for outside use should arrive tomorrow. might be several days before I get it set up outside though.

Hopefully when the version made for outside is available the cost won’t be too much more than the inside version.

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I wouldn’t believe it would be to much higher of a price bump.

I’m figuring (and hoping) you are right, after all the Wyze Pan Cam seems like it would be more expensive to make than an outdoor cam and it is about $12 more than the non-pan cam, so hopefully the outdoor cam will only be about $5 more than the inside cam price.

A bit more than $80 or just a bit more than $30 or so ? If you mean a bit more than $80 …….I’m not saying you might not be right, but I sure hope not, or else there might be a lot of people who might still opt to use the indoor ones outside even after the outside ones are available, especially since many have had success using the indoor ones outside. There likely are others like me on a tight budget and the low price is what drew us to using them in the first place.

Good luck.

That sounds much better than a bit more than $80 for sure !

If the Outdoor is based on the Yi Hardware(likely) with Wyze Firmware, I imagine the pricing would be in the $69 to $79 Range, Would be pleasantly surprised if its less.

Wyze has said in the past that they were coordinating with the supplier (probably yi) to design a new outdoor cam and that’s why it was taking forever. I highly doubt that wyze will release a camera that costs more than $50 due to their cost focused advertising. Another reason I don’t think that the outdoor camera will be the current yi version is because the mounting method. I just can’t see wyze using screw mounts. This is just a speculation but hey why not.

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what percentage of phone owners are using the Windows mobile platform? I am going to take a wild guess and say less than 1% ??? How much does it cost to develop and launch? When is Windows mobile sunset date ?
Better they spend the money and time on a web interface. Again, most companies aren’t supporting Internet Explorer and moving to Chrome, Firefox and Opera. ATT being one of them.

I understand what you are saying and don’t expect them to make a windows phone app, but I was hoping if they did RTSP I could use a 3rd party app I have on my windows phone that I can access other cameras with already.

I made a topic on how I adapted an inside Wyze camera for outside use at -

My “dollar store” plastic jar outdoor protection idea for a Wyze camera

others have some really neat (and more simple to make than mine) outdoor ideas too !

They will release outdoor cameras near the end of the year as far as I’m aware.

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Thanks, but I’m now hoping they might have them developed sooner with the recent $20 million funding they got.

If it takes to near the end of the year they likely will lose some sales to people who needed an outdoor camera sooner and couldn’t wait that long.

As a reminder, I have a summary of what RTSP offers in the RTSP thread.


I enjoyed the read, thanks for sharing.


I found this on youtube > CES 2019 - New MaxDrive for Wyze Cams - YouTube