Ability to see camera IP address in a list

It would be great to see the cameras ip addresses in a list .

The best place I could see the info added for now is on the firmware page. It would be awesome if the IP addresses were listed under each camera

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You are an iOS user, and Apple restricts IP addresses because they can reveal your location.

Your DHCP server (usually your router) will normally provide that information.

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IPs are shown in the device info page for the camera.

I am aware on the device information page.

I am talking about seeing all the camera names and ip and even MAC address on one single page.

I have over 20 cameras and often need see their ip addresses

My recommendation is to keep a spreadsheet with all of them. Also, use reserved IPs on you router for them so they always have the same one. I suppose Wyze could do what you’re asking but doubt they will do so since there are higher priority items requested which still haven’t been resolved.

I number all of my cameras - in the order that I received them. The camera has a small P-Touch label with the camera number and date activated. Each camera has a DHCP reservation in my router, so each camera always gets the same IP - (where nn is the camera number). If I really need to see the MAC, I can look at the DHCP listing in the router.

When I name a camera, the first part is the camera number. For example, 30 - Front Porch. I have a Google Doc with a listing of all the cameras, with firmware versions (not always up to date), what uSD card is installed and when that card was bought, the location, is it forced onto a specific access point, who it’s shared with, and any other notes.

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I have them Named and can pull them up in my router. We didn’t label them.
We had issues when. They got renamed in the app because we moved things around then it became a pain to find which camera we were trying to rename on the router side. I then thought how great it would be to have a list in the wyze app of cameras with name and their ip adresses all on one tab in the app.

You could try Speed Test Wi Fi Analyzer by Analiti. It’s aimed at the Android crowd if you have a convenient platform for it. The speed test function is the attention getting label, but the WiFi Analyzer functions are quite extensive and set this app light years beyond the other currently available offerings – for free. There are also temporary and permanent paid versions, but the free version can list all active devices on a network providing a significant amount of detail for each discovered device with only minor advertising – which can be removed for $1.99. The free version doesn’t provide specific targeting capabilities like scanning IP ranges, etc. It will do port scans on selected devices, however, Much of what it reports can also be exported in several forms. Probably overkill for your purpose. A very handy tool nonetheless. Unfortunately, there’s no Mac/iOS version.

Another basic listing option would be to simply use one of the free port scanners to scan the address range reserved for your cameras. Varying degrees of detail are available in these little apps. The trick is finding a clean one capable of fulfilling your needs without perpetually annoying upsale or companionware advertising. Angry IP Scanner comes to mind as one to possibly look into. Free, open source, works with Mac.