Ability to log into Amazon to download videos to PC

Being that we have usernames and passwords to:

Sign into Wyze
Sign into Support
Sign into Camera account

It seems we should be able to access Amazon via PC/Mac web browser and download our videos.
We shouldn’t need to download the recordings from Amazon to a MicroSD card/iPhone (only to transfer it again to a computer).

The cloud storage system does not have, and will never have, a direct user-facing interface. If it happens to be hosted on Amazon today, that could change behind the scenes.

That said, if you tap on a cloud video in the app, you should see a share icon. Tap this and you will find several options to get the video to a computer without first saving it to the iPhone. Examples are AirDrop, Email, Messages, etc.

If you are looking for the full app interface to view live stream and cloud videos on a PC, see this wishlist topic: View On PC/Browser (Windows / Mac / Chromebook) - #1915 by mark2870

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Thanks for the quick reply. I would add… if you say that Amazon could change behind the scenes…
I would reply with, the logon customers would hit (front end) wouldn’t be an amazon logon.
and if the storage were to be replaced from the backend; we customers accessing a front end (owned/managed) by Wyze would point to the new backend w/o customers even knowing.

The decision to tell customers that the backend was Amazon to begin with may not have been warranted. I could see where Wyze decided to tell customers data was hosted on Amazon so that potential customers would not feel they needed to trust their images/videos to the Wyze company directly.

Thank you for confirming the lack of a Windows live streaming interface.