Ability to "favorite" certain cloud event videos so it's easier to find them later

I have Wyze cams set up next to a bird feeding platform. I LOVE it but I get TOO many cloud event videos over the course of a day. I’d love to be able to “favorite” the good videos during the day so I could go back later and pick the best one or two to share on social media.
*video for demonstrative purposes!

Surprisingly this doesn’t seem to have made the wishlist before. Closest are

FYI TinyCam (and I’m sure lots of other software) has a similar feature for pinning clips.


i definitely understand what and why you would you want such a thing for, but for clips that are only temporariy…be that the 2 week timeframe, I think this would cause a headache for the company in the long run with more people than not being confused as to why a “favorite” marked video was still deleted after the 2 week window. your best best would be to download something that captures your eye then you have your own window not based around the 2 weeks to decide to keep or delete it. that download button makes it yours and everything is at your discretion at that point. no worries on what anyone else would do. but I do definitely see what you are saying as to being able to effectively flag a clip for future use. if nothing else, currently you have 2 weeks to go back and review your clips to see what’s good and what’s not though, so you do have that long of a window of review.

having a lot of videos is a pain, some sort of marker would be helpful. I am going to up vote this, but it would definitely need some education with it :slight_smile:


Option to add ‘Favorite’ or saved video on your Event List without having to download

It would be great to have a way to add a note or tag or ‘like’ to a video on your Event List without having to download to make for easy finding later. Maybe they could stay saved as long as you have room?

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Cloud clips are automatically deleted after two weeks as noted by @Bam. So any “favorite” would also be deleted after two weeks.


On the Wyze App, I think a great option to add would be a sort of “Bookmark Video” option. I know there’s the option to download the video, but can’t always download the video right away so a “Bookmark Video” would be a great option to go back and look at it a later time and day. :slight_smile: