Ability to customize groups - Group multiple product (Device) types together

I would like to see more personal control over groups. I want to be able to mix products in a group. Such as create a Master group called “Bedrooms” then in that goup be able to have sub groups of each room, etc. For example my daughters room has 2 color changing bulbs for her room lights, her closet has a white bulb and she has a few smart plugs. I want to be able to group everything in her room in one group. It was be nice to be able to turn everything in the group off at once.

I understand groups within groups might be difficult, but My main request is just being able to group different products together based on rooms, and possibly be able to just turn everything in that group off with one button.


The Wyze App would be more flexible if it allowed users to create multiple Homes, each home representing a separate physical home or location. This would allow users with Wyze devices in two or more homes or separate locations to group them together in the same Home within the App.


Device Groups on the app should be able to contain multiple “different” device types

I’ve found posts similar to this idea but not exactly so I’m asking it specifically.

Currently when you create Device Groups in the app you can only put the same device types in the group. For example, only cams can be put in a group or only plugs can be put in a group. However, you can’t put a cam and a plug in the same group.

I would like to be able to put all my “different” devices into one group. For example, I would like to put all my family room devices (cams, switch, plugs) in one group.

This should be a just a software upgrade.


I ran across the post for allowing multiple copies of the Wyze app in ios:

However, I would like to propose a different solution. How about allowing us to create multiple “homes” in the app and then assign devices to each of these. This would allow people with multiple homes, homes / businesses / churches /… to maintain each of these areas from a single app but still have the ability to group them more easily by location.

Next, would be the ability to have different permissions for the “share” option. In our instance it would be ideal if at least one other person in the church could have a share that allowed them to create codes for the locks. This of course without giving out the main account information.

The ability then for a single login to have home monitoring at multiple locations could be an extension of this feature request.


Ability to create custom GROUPS containing any combination of DEVICES.


Open Grouping so that we can group by location or area in house and not just by Product type

For those of us that have multiple locations tied to our accounts (some of us are also caregivers to people not in our home) I would love to be able to group my Wyze products freely instead of all cameras or all doorbells.

Can you add a “Health Group” or something similar to the app for grouping devices like the Band and Scale?


We need the option to create a Health Group in the app for watches and scales to organize home screen

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Thank you for adding groups. Two asks. We need an ability to customize group names. I would like to classify my airbuds and watch under Personal Devices. Can we have group names that ate 25 or 30 characters long instead of just 20.

Ok, so user of 7 cameras here, door lock, sensors, buds and basically I’ll give everything a try. My biggest thing is the app UI, there should be some way to sort/hide/group products. I know you can group things but you cannot group the door lock with the bridge for example. Why, all they do it take up space in a linear scroll UI on my app. And my buds, it would be nice to no see them or have a tab for things you almost never need to click on. Just saying the basic UI could do with some major improvement cause I am sure that I’m not the only one that wants a little more organization or modernism.

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I can’t believe that the video doorbells, plugs, and floor lamp, can’t be assigned to a group! It can’t be that hard of a programming task. My home page is cluttered with multiple devices so this feature would certainly clean things up.
Thank you!

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Please allow us to define groups, rather than forcing us into grouping like things. For example, I want a group called “Living Room”, every other App allows this! Problem Solved.

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I think the new group for lighting is a great idea. To make it truly useful to be able to control all the lighting in an area or desired group it would be great if you could also group Wyze plugs, outdoor plugs, and switches in the same group with bulbs and light strips. So they could all be turned on or off with a single tap instead of having to hunt them all down and turned on individually.

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Create Room Groups

We need the ability to create rooms to better organize our devices within the app. Similar to how google home does it.


This app could simply use a rewrite IMO instead of just the continual “bolting” on of additional devices in ways that I think we can agree just does not make sense. Minimally this needs to support multiple locations (we have devices at three buildings), multiple rooms, enhanced security (I need to allow others to fully manage a device), …

If that is not something that Wyze can accomplish THEN I would again plug for an open API for devices. This could be accomplished TODAY if that were available using Home Assistant. Not kidding!

Personal opinion / disclaimer - I LOVE the Wyze products that I have and they fill needs for my overall home automation / monitoring. However, I would like to see them slow down or stop pushing out so many new things and instead focus on enhancing the existing. There are SO MANY things that could be improved in the current products that would take them to the next level.

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Include switches in combined Lighting Groups

Lighting Groups were just added, which I’m in favor of. I think they should include the option to include Wyze Switches as well though.

Creating General Wyze Groups

I think there should be an option in the Wyze App to create a general group without mandating the devices to be selected for addition. For instance, I have (3) groups then I have two recent images from two other devices when I open the App.

My Current Groups: (all these groups are cameras only)


I’ve recently added the DOORBELL & DEAD BOLT LOCK WITH KEYPAD.

The additional group I want to make:


*we should have an option to create a group and add whatever devices we want to it, whether it be 3 cameras, one doorbell and a sensor. These group additions should not be mandated as every house is different on how the user wants to see or setup their security.

Wyze App: Locations and Groups

Wyze should support “Locations”. During configuration, the App would ask for a Location (Beach House, Main Home, etc), and then when you select your Location from the main screen, you would see only those devices added to it. Further, allow the user to define Groups in each Location, e.g. Living Room). I could then control my Living Room devices (cam, light, plug, etc) at the Beach House very easily. I don’t understand the UX of having Wyze define device Groups - it’s pointless?

As you can see, it should now be possible to have another group called Living Room under Main Home, and only the devices in that Location would show up in the Group config. This seems like how it should have been designed. Perhaps in the upcoming refresh?

FOLDERS in WYZE Application

I have about 15 cameras, 15 contact switches, 20 sensors and various other WYZE devices connected to my account. With this number of devices (+50) it’s difficult to sometimes find the device I need to interrogate. Even with the Group function which only allows you to group like devices it’s still a hassle.
Please add FOLDERS to this top menu. This would allow us to group by Room or Area etc. allow devices to show up in multiple FOLDERS. I believe this would be a great addition to the WYZE App.

Thanks, Tom. Q. (A avid user of WYZE Products, Devices and Services)


Wyze employees rarely respond, though I believe they now have a dedicated manager to try and improve things. So your request is really the same as mine :-). I don’t want to group my devices by type, I want to group them based on where they are (like I do with other smart home Apps!). I believe a new App is coming, so hopefully they address this - I suspect the problem is lack of real user testing before launching the change the developers think are good.

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