Ability to add and change phone number for home monitoring

Agree. Also adding a second or more users to monitor and get all notifications in their apps is needed. If I am travelling my wife needs the option to handle everything from her app in her phone (not only the cameras).

I’ve just about had it with Wyze Home Monitoring - it’s missing CRITICAL capabilities, and NOTHING BUT CRICKETS from Wyze on when or even if any of these crucial deficiencies will be addressed. I certainly will not renew, and will be looking to replace the whole mess with something that actually works for me.

Wyze - are you listening at all??? Are you intending on addressing any of these issues?

Same with me. I will not use the Wyze monitoring system I paid for since it will only call me and I am usually at least 500 miles away.
I was told by a Wyze rep that I could add phone numbers only to find out it was not true.
I also will not renew.
Jim Crouse

It’s been a year since the first request in April 2021 for this “wish” to “add a phone number for home alarm monitoring”. Nothing from Wyze, We’re not even asking for a change to the Hardware, Firmware, or Software. We’re asking for a change that COSTS NOTHING. When my one year monitoring contract expires next month, I won’t renew. The Wyze & Noonlight monitoring system will call one phone number the customer selects, and then if there’s no answer, call the local police. That doesn’t work in Los Angeles. The LAPD do not respond to burglar alarms. But they will fine you for false alarms. I want Noonlight to call the security company my neighbors and I pay to patrol my neighborhood–instead of calling the police. But Wyze/Noonlight won’t do that making the Wyze system worthless. So I installed a Ring(r) system. I like the Wyze hardware and the app. It all seems to work OK. But it’s worthless if Noonlight will not call the armed security patrol instead of the police.

I just cancelled my home monitoring subscription also. It’s close to useless. I can’t believe how un-responsive and poor (non-existant) the response has been from Wyze and Noonlight. I liked the hardware and the ease of use, but it’s really worthless the way the alerting currently works. I’ve thrown the entire system in a box on the shelf and replaced it with SimpliSafe.

SimpliSafe just works, has a cell backup connection, and their support has been outstanding! Quickly get to a real person who actually knows what’s going on with the system. Very happy with SimpliSafe.

Wyze - I am totally baffled by the lack of follow-through in completing the critical functionality needed to make Home Monitoring a real product. Really a shame.

you can add an alternate contact and phone number. Go to the Monitoring tab, Select Home Monitoring Settings, the select Shared Accounts. You can put the contact information there. This will become a Shared Service.

Note: Under the Account Menu then Sharing, that is where you can entered an individual to share with, select Shared Services then HMS.

The individual you will need to share with will need to have a Wyze Account.

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Adding alternate contacts is fine, but it is NOT what people are requesting. My cell service is poor in some locations in my house - I want Wyze to do what (as far as I can tell) every other alarm and monitoring service does - allow a call-list where the numbers are called in sequence, and only in the event nobody is reached are the police contacted. Pretty simple concept that everyone else seems to have sorted out pretty well.

As noted on the top post, this request has been implemented and the topic moved to #roadmap. That said, it is understood that users also want the ability to add additional numbers to the primary account that will receive both text and voice notification from Noonlight. That topic has been added as a new #wishlist request here:



TO: “Loki Forum Moderator”, and “spaomoni4 Forum Maven”,
When an alarm is triggered, I want Noonlight, to call the Armed Patrol Service I’m paying every month to respond to an alarm, instead of calling the Los Angeles Police who do not respond to burglar alarms except to fine the homeowner.
Meanwhile, I’d like to thank both of you for generously contributing your time to assist Wyze’s customers—without any compensation from Wyze. I was surprised to learn that a for-profit corporation relies on volunteers for customer service, and that those volunteers are not given any means to get the customers’ messages to the company.
In addition to not paying customer service reps to help their customers, I’m disappointed to learn that Wyze also doesn’t pay attention to the conversations on this forum. I’m not asking Wyze to add a feature or even fix a bug. I’m asking Wyze to fix a stupid mistake that would cost them nothing to correct, and would allow them to continue collecting $100/year from me for the monitoring service.
Loki, you stated “this request has been implemented” but I think you must be referring to a different request. However, if it is possible to have Noonlight call the Armed Patrol company, please tell me how to set it up. I don’t see the instructions and find it all rather confusing.
I discovered the defect in the Wyze alarm system as soon as I installed it. And I moved on to the ring® DYI alarm system which would contact the Armed Patrol company if it’s ever needed. Regards,

It’s good that the request has been implemented. I’m glad that the developers care about their customers and listen to their needs, especially since the ability to add and change the phone number for home monitoring is really useful. It also saved me a lot of unnecessary worries.
I’m also wondering if there is a way for me to set up sms receive free for home monitoring? I don’t like receiving calls, but security messages would suit me. I work at a daycare, and the calls really bother me. My friend said another company set this up for him.

I got this advertisng email from Wyze on Tuesday: " Dear Ring Customers, We know you’re hurting right now. Taken for granted. Ignored. Let these loving arms and this free Wyze Cam with a one year subscription to Cam Plus Pro show you how beautiful and amazing you really are.
Love, Wyze
I think Wyze is taking me for granted and ignoring me. After I bought all the Wyze hardware and signed up for $100/year “home monitoring service” by Noonlight, I had to buy a Ring(R) system and pay for their monitoring service. Why? Because Wyze/Noonlight will not call my local Alarm Response Service who would then dispatch an Armed Guard to my house. Wyze is pretending that it added the ability to add a second phone number to the call list, but it is not true. To add a second phone number, in the Wyze app you have to share your access with them by sending their email to Wyze who then sends them an email asking them to install the Wyze app on their mobile phone, etc. That approach might work to add a family member to the call list. But that doesn’t add the phone number of an Armed Alarm Response Service. Other customers and I have been asking Wyze to add this 2nd phone number feature since at least January 2021 to no response.

June 2021. Your request is noted and linked as a comment in the 1st post (scroll up to the top) and also located here (note status in header): Wyze Home Monitoring System should call more than one (1) phone number

Hi “Seapup” Forum Moderator:
Are you saying Wyze did respond to our request to let customers list a second phone number (such as my local Armed Patrol) for Noonlight to call? If true, that’s great news. Can you tell me how to implement that essential improvement? I don’t see how to do it in the app.

The status of your request is Roadmap “in-development”, which means Wyze is actively working on the implementation. As a non-Wyze employee, I have no timeline or feature info to pass on.

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Hi Knick, Ryan here, the product manager for Wyze Home Monitoring.

Thank you for choose our product/service. I may have a wrong understanding of your post, but it seems you said our system won’t dispatch for law enforcement?

If your service is active, you finished the setup, and any of the on-duty sensor got triggered, Noonlight will call you and all shared users whose phone numbers have been added. If you request or Noonlight got no response when they contact you, they will dispatch the police.

Regarding adding non-shared-users to the contact list—— We released a feature called “Emergency Contact” rolled out two weeks ago. I rolled it back due to quality concerns. We are fixing it, should be ready in a few days. By then, you can add anyone to the list. In case of an alarm, they will be notified.

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Just a reminder that your request (which is a different use case from this topic that we are replying to) is located here: Wyze Home Monitoring System should call more than one (1) phone number. Please click the link to your excellent suggestion/request and track the status.

Ryan: It’s GREAT to hear from you! Or finally hear from any actual employee of Wyze regarding this topic. Thank you very much for replying. You can read what I was asking for by going back to my previous comments over the past year. I do NOT want Noonlight to call law enforcement. Calling the police might work in some places, but not here in Los Angeles. The LAPD don’t respond to alarms. They don’t even respond immediately if at all to most 911 calls regarding serious violent crimes in progress. I’m not exaggerating. Like most homeowners in my neighborhood, I pay a private security company that will dispatch Private Armed Security Personnel to alarms as well as emergency phone calls from their clients. The company installs burglar alarm hardware that they can monitor directly, but also will use hardware installed by other companies and DIY hardware like Wyze or Ring. I want to be able to put the private security company phone number as the 2nd or 3rd number for Noonlight to call if they don’t reach me. I was able to do that easily with Ring. Just the company name and phone number. Obviously “Sharing” my Wyze monitoring service with them that requires emails, installing an app on a mobile phone, etc. doesn’t work.
Again, Thank You Very Much for reaching out.

Thanks so much for the info @WyzeRyan - appreciate you jumping in here! Any update on when this will be ready…have been waiting for this for a long time and excited to be able to get another number on my HMS!


In the Wyze app, I see that there is a feature under Monitoring> Home Monitoring Settings> People> Emergency Contact> etc. to add people to be “contacted”. “During an intrusion, we will notify all Emergency Contacts using SMS or email…”

That’s a nice feature for some people, but it’s not what I (and numerous customers) have been asking for, and it doesn’t help me at all.

I need Noonlight to call, i.e. with a telephone, the private Alarm Response and Armed Patrol and tell the dispatcher the same thing they would otherwise tell the 911 police dispatcher—burglar alarm triggered at my address. Obviously you can’t send a text or email to 911, you have to make a phone call. Alternatively, you would make a voice phone call the private Armed Patrol company that I and many neighbors use to respond to alarms. In Los Angeles, the LAPD do not respond to burglar alarms or most any 911 calls (except to fine homeowners for false alarms).

By the way, the Emergency Contacts feature is worthless for me as well. The only way I know to prevent Noonlight from calling 911 is to keep the alarm in “Test” mode. And apparently, Wyze “will not notify Emergency Contacts for alarms triggered while in Test Mode.” So the “Emergency Contact” feature is totally worthless for me.