Ability for Robot Vac to have multilevel maps, without needing user to switch manually

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I have a split level room that’s too small to ever justify another smart vac so I see a lot of value in multi level support. If users have enough space on multiple levels then they would probably justify having multiple vacs so they don’t have to manually move them. Think this is key feature for one-off spaces.

How do you get to that screen that shows the multiple floors?

Is multi-floor support out of beta yet?

Yes, its there in the beta version. Not sure abt non-beta.

Official thread for this: Wyze Robot Vacuum - The upcoming Multi-floor Mapping update is even better!

Robot Vacuum Multiple Maps

Do you think there will be an app update allowing two different floor patterns to be memorized? Like upstairs and downstairs? So that it doesn’t have to remap the layout each time it’s relocated to a different floor.


I agree with @SeattleSombrero - I would like the ability to have multiple maps saved. We move our furniture during the holidays, and it would be helpful to have the ability to create/use another map so that I don’t have to delete the previous version.

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With my previous Eufy robot vacuum we could easily bring it upstairs to do the second floor. To do this with the Wyze robot vac is problematic.
Be nice if it could accommodate more than one floor plan so it could be easily used on 2 or more floors.

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We need multi level mapping on the Wyze app for my great Wyze vacuum. That is the only drawback!

It would really be nice to have a multi floor update added to vacuum to save at least 3 maps to clean upstairs, main level and downstairs floors.

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It is in beta testing ( has been for awhile)

I do have the beta firmware, been using it for 3 levels for several months. Each floor on its own schedule.

As long as the app and vacuum are on the same floor, it works like a charm. I have had no issues.

How can I get that verison and what is the correct version I need?

You need to apply to be a beta tester, but last I saw they had all they need.

Hopefully they release it to public soon, I have had zero problems with it in the months I have used it

I am using v !.6.202 and do have 3 floors mapped. I only move the charging station because on 2 of the floors the vac does need to charge. Haven’t had any issues, do not need to remap next time it is scheduled to run.

I did notice if the charging station isn’t on the same floor the vac seems to wander looking for it. I do have a schedule for today on another floor, I’ll just let it run and see if it finally decides it is not there and stops. I have been manually stopping it as soon as I get the notification. But I think I read it is supposed to eventually stop at the location the charging station was at during initial mapping.

Thanks for reaching out.

How do it get that to work for me? I want the extra floors

If the charging station isn’t on the same floor, it definitely does not go back to where it thinks the charging station is on the map.

It will continue to “look for it” until you stop it or it times out.

Hi, May I know how do I get multifloor mapping feature? My Wyze robot firmware version is 1.6.113. I opted for beta tester and installed Wyze beta with TestFlight. But couldn’t get next fw version. I’m eagerly waiting for this feature. Please help.



May I know how did you get this new fw version?