A worker stole my glue gun

Back story: I bought a glue gun + flex glue pro formula online for a project, then I left it on the floor because I’m a messy person, then I went outside for about 20 minutes. During that 20 minutes one of the workers my mom hired to do something for the house went in my room and took my glue gun thinking it was their glue gun.

The glue gun and the flex glue pro formula wasn’t very expensive so he didn’t steal anything valuable but he did steal my precious time, you see the glue gun and the flex glue I bought online took weeks to deliver, so I have to wait for another few weeks reordering it. I also glue a L bracket to the glue gun using the flex glue for my project and the flex glue take 48 hours to dry so not only I have to reorder all of this and wait for a few weeks again, I also need to glue a new L bracket to a new glue gun and wait for another 48 hours for the glue to dry, time wasted.


Yeah, it seems he long term borrowed it. If your mom hired this guy maybe you can track him down quicker to ask for it back rather than ordering a new one.

Yeah, I’ll try that.

I am sorry for your loss…

Update: I got it back.


Don’t worry, I got it back


you live with your mom? lol