A Visionaries Dream - Smartphone Eyepiece Adapter

I am a very avid telescope and binocular user. Being vision impaired doesn’t help and sometimes binoculars help me enjoy seeing things I can’t normally see. However I enjoy using a telescope even more to see things that the average eye cant normally see… in today’s world the telescopes have advance to unbelievable technology. One device I really enjoy that can purchased online is the device you can buy that allows anyone to attach they’re smartphone to a telescope eye piece. There is many benefits to this type of device. For one it makes trying to find objects in the sky easier… it also allows anyone using this type of device to easily snap a photo of what you are viewing. For me it also makes using a telescope even better for the simple fact that I am visually impacted and it’s harder for me me to focus in on objects. So using this the of device benefits me in several ways. I imagine I’m not the only one that benefits from this because I know they are popular along with the monoculars. I’m not asking to design a telescope however that would be my dream but if you could somehow make the device you attach to the telescope more nicely integrated and maybe add filters and features that might be useful to skyway watchers such as different light settings… memories… events… reminders about upcoming events etc. I could probably think of dozens of filters and useful features I would love to have as a skywatcher and as someone who struggles with poor vision. I also have light sensitive eyes so any surrounding lights make it difficult for me to see with other bright lights. So if there was a dark theme to help someone like me or options to change the color themes while viewing objects this would be amazing. I could go on and on about the possibilities and benefits of this type of product for me and others. I strongly believe others would provide valuable suggestions and ideas on how you could integrate this type of product not only for all skywatchers but also for those like me who are visually impaired. I would love to see this type of product and all of the possibilities it has come to life. Especially any product that has the ability to help someone visually impaired like me. That would be amazing. Thank you!

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