A simple battery powered meter

A simple battery powered meter that shows WiFi strength at any location before deciding on cam. or other, location. You are working on new alert choices and sounds …that is good and needed. I’m retired from the landscape and irrigation business (owner), curious whether your controller can compete with the standard by all competing products that is Rain Bird. Must be readable in display size and not complicated in programming for retired people, my customers. There is also some resistance to lightning, battery backup, rain sensor cut off-bypass and so much more.

Since nobody replied yet… If you are looking for wifi strength at a particular location to set up a camera… Log into the wifi with your phone and it should show you the wifi strength on your phone as you walk around.

I am not clear about what you are asking about. Most Wyze cameras are stand alone units just tied to WIFI.

I believe OP is referring to the Wyze sprinkler controller.

Well there you go… Never knew they had one… I guess I am behind the times. But wifi on phone should help for the first part.