A safety bike camera that can be both bike and jacket mounted to record interactions with cars

I have a suggestion. Could you design a safety camera for cyclists? It should be small, clip on to both handle bars and to a cyclist’s jacket (like a police body cam). It needs to record cars in the event of close misses and accidents. It should continually record over itself on to an SD card, but also make it easy to find footage when an event (accident or close miss) happens. It should have a 3 hour minimum battery life.

It wouldn’t be a Go Pro competitor, which is for capturing footage to keep and upload online. It is there as a security measure so that in event of an accident, which means a car hits a a bike, the injured cyclists’s rights can be protected. There is nothing affordable and reliable in this category right now. You guys could leverage your experience to really make a name in this space.

There is really only the Fly 12 camera that I know of that is specifically designed for this purpose, but it is expensive and has reliability issues.

Go Pros are too large and provide a video quality that is excessive for security purposes, which means having evidence for police and insurers. They are great, but are a bit too high end for a bike dashcam.

Garmin has taken a shot at this with the Virb camera. But like most entrants into this space, the unit is too big, doesn’t mount with a minimum of fuss, is expensive and doesn’t have enough battery life for a long ride (3-5 hours). Wyze stood out for me because of its affordability - that’s a big step in the right direction for a bike dash cam.

Here is a sample of what currently exists: Best Cycling Safety Cameras 2022 - Blog

Personally, I like the design of Insta 360 cameras:

I live in Vancouver, Canada.


Its already done. Its called a Body Worn Camera or a GoPro. No need to wait.

There is also a Wishlist for Wyze gopro style camera for those that are interested.