A Potential Way of Making MaxDrive Un-Needed

In another post (Can Wyze Cam capture its own theft), I have outlined my setup to monitor outside activity. I developed this setup after one of my Wyze Cam’s got stolen. His theft was caught on another one of my Wyze Cam’s, since the Camera with Micro SD card is gone (and MaxDrive is not here).
This setup eliminates false alarms from bugs, provides a very clear video of the person’s face, and since it is mounted inside on the window frame, it virtually eliminates theft of the camera.
However, there is another very important aspect of this setup — it drastically reduces the possibility of a break-in. And that’s what I want.
Preventing a break-in is the foremost goal of any alarm setup. Several years ago, I installed alarm systems for a local company. The number one item that the owner insisted I install is a horn — a VERY LOUD HORN.
A would-be perpetrator doesn’t want ANYTHING standing in their way during a break-in, and a VERY LOUD HORN is usually enough to make them to retreat. Therefore, I have included a very inexpensive, battery powered, “Driveway Alert”, mounted close to my Wyze Cam, that announces their arrival.
In the unwise event of their continuation, I have set my Wyze Cam to record their arrival (for the Police), and they will suffer the consequences of other “surprises”.
All of which greatly minimizes an unwanted break-in, or confrontation.
If MaxDrive will have the ability to record “Real Time”, most of this setup may not be needed. If MaxDrive does not include “Real Time” recording, it will be another expensive paper weight.

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Great ideas, and I love your thoughts about the VERY LOUD HORN. Nothing like bringing attention to criminals to dissuade them.

I didn’t know about the integration with MaxDrive. This 2019 CES video was helpful, in case someone else is in the same boat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBAc8EY-Cc0