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I had an idea for a service…i call ot picture frame…so it works simply by taking a still shot on your camera of whatever its pointed at…then monitor for changes such as: a dog bowl being moved or a car being parked then an alarm if its moved. Or a door being closed then an alarm for it being opened…i need it for my bedroom bc my roommate want stay out of my room and its making me angry…

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I would have a read of this.

From last year, but a tidbit of what is hopefully things to come.

Also you tagged this thread a bug, is that an error?


Um how exactly is this different from regular pixel based motion detection that the Wyze cameras do by default anyway? Something in the frame changes and is detected. With standard zone control you can focus on changes around a particular area /object…

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I think it is different because there is no detection fetaure for wind events such as my flag being blown around or my doors being blown open. And where i live we can get 75+ mph winds which is hurricane force, on sunmy days.

That is great i guess for the pan camera, since it has limited movement capaibilities, but what about for unexpected movements like an earthquake. Although i apologize if i missed it in the video…

Sorry I still don’t understand. That is certainly motion and will get logged/recorded/alerted. When I put flags out they trigger my cameras constantly.

Exactly same here…I would like to be able to set parameters to exclude my flag waving without changing the detection zone coverage. And like the other day the wind blew my door open but didn’t Send me an alarm bc nothing was physically or visually detected and the change was so fast my camera didn’t even notice the movement of the door being swung open violently.

Depending on how much of the camera frame the door is in and/or your sensitivity settings, that should if been caught I’d think. You may need to up your sensitivity settings to catch that.

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That is a good thought and I checked my settings too. But they are all maxed out… I guess just nature at its best beating man made technology…

So now you’re both mystifying me. What exactly would you like the camera to detect that it’s not already? How can a flag be both in and out of a detection area?

I know i said ‘exclude’ my flag but i want to be anle ro limit alarms for extraneous movements. You know how a bolt of lightning rypically doesnt strike the same place twice. The same applies to a flags movements. Generally speaking that is…with the picture frame feature it removes the need for capturing sudden movements that happen quicker than the cameras technology allows it to. Like 10 frames per second or whatever it is, im not real sure exactly just trying to illustrate this a little better if i can. Like say my flag is waving the. It is suddenly missing for whatever reason. I want an alarm to mo it for suddenchanges. Not necessarily to capture the motion involved. Like a door being closed the. Opened. O dont really care how it got opened but just that its open…and i know they make door sensors, but i cant put a door sensor on my dogs water bowl…

So a before and after state thing. If the motion happens too quickly to detect. I begin to get the idea. So I think @Omgitstony 's first response is probably the closest - you are essentially trying to detect a change in the state of an object/scene.

Yeah exactly…i guess the title i gave it doesnt really fit. Another reaso. To love these brainstorming sessions, but yes just monitor for changes in a pretecorded scene or parameters. Changes that are on a larger scale and not necessarily so subtle. Like flickering light i just want to know that there is a light even on. That is just for example…

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