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If you had the free PD before 11/2019 you are entitled to keep it. Many threads and mail messages about this.


Thank you, however, I am a more recent subscriber.

Thank you, however, if there was a decent way around it they wouldn’t need to remove it in the 1st place

I’m not too sure what you mean by that. The original person detection was removed because Xnor was bought out by Apple. if you point the camera at vehicles, it will most likely trigger because of the size of the vehicles and/or distance of the camera from them.


Thought it was easy to understand but either way PD was the most important part of having the camera. The feature was available for free when I bought the camera. Didn’t take long for a subscription fee to be added.

As @Customer mentioned: if you are a legacy user you can have free person detection. You just need to chose $0.00.
Also, take a look around here: