A mucked up Supplier maybe?

@WyzeGwendolyn, @Frederik, @angus.black

Both cameras are within 5’ of the same distance… I have 10 cameras and 4 of the 10 buffer on Amazon echo show 5… All cameras are running on so go figure. Either their camera supplier is using different chips in various rounds of V2 mfgr or something else fishy is going on. It would be interesting to autopsy V2’s that buffer and those that don’t. A ‘component’ check if you will

Comments or Criticism are welcome… Express your thoughts on this

They did use different IC chips for WiFi, the same could be true for other components.
If the specs match they will use whats available and cheapest.

That’s where QA is so important, cheapest is not a phrase customers should like to endorse

What an exclusive list! I feel so delighted to be included. I’ll ask Frederik about this. :slight_smile:

Alright, we aren’t quite sure on this one. But we’re curious if you’re willing to run a test for us. Could you please swap some of the functioning with not functioning cameras and try to get their positions exactly the same and let us know if anything changes?